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    mobmarkymark's Angry Birds (iPd)

    [November 5, 2012 09:11:33 PM]
    Angry Birds is one of the most popular and well-known games on the mobile market today. It is a fairly simple game in terms of its mechanics. The player pulls back the bird to shoot it, and can touch the screen while itís in flight in order to perform a special action if it has one. The mechanics are simple enough so that people of all ages can pick up the game and play it within a few minutes of learning it. One aspect of the game that keeps it fresh and constantly entertaining is the maps. There are a huge variety of maps in the game. With these new maps, there are also new birds. Different types of birds are able to perform different maneuvers that may aid the player in finishing a level. For example, one type of bird is a bomb bird. This bird explodes when the player taps the screen. He or she may also refrain from tapping, and the bird will eventually automatically explode. In addition, there is a small blue bird that splits up into three separate birds when the player taps the screen. In terms of the narrative of Angry Birds, there isnít much of one. There is an embedded narrative that plays when the player beats a section of the game. The embedded narrative plays out, and the player moves onto the next part. However, these embedded scenes arenít very elaborate. Most include a few seconds of purely visuals that give the player a hint at the narrative of the game. The narrative is not what makes angry birds great though, for it is its simple art design and easy mechanics coupled with interesting and innovative maps and abilities that causes Angry Birds to truly shine.
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    mobmarkymark's Angry Birds (iPd)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Monday 1 October, 2012

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