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    mobmarkymark's Duck Hunt (NES)

    [November 12, 2012 05:07:57 PM]
    Duck Hunt was one of my all-time favorite games as a child. It is a relatively simple game to play with a very straightforward objective: shoot the ducks. The mechanics of the game are simple as well. The player possesses a handheld gun controller that shoots a beam of light at the television screen. The player can move the gun around to aim at different spots on the screen. When the player is aiming at a duck, he or she can pull the trigger in order to fire the gun. If the gun was on target, the hit will register on the television screen, and the duck will drop dead. It is the objective of the player to kill all of the ducks that fly across the screen without letting them get away. If too many ducks get away, the player will lose the level. There is also an option within Duck Hunt that lets the player shoot clay pigeons. It is essentially the same thing as regular Duck Hunt, but it adds some variety to the game. There isnít much of a narrative associated with Duck Hunt. An embedded narrative is non-existent, unless one would include the dog laughing at the player for failing as an embedded narrative. Other than that, the player isnít given much of a story. One would assume that the player is in the position of a hunter that is out hunting ducks. However, level progression does not advance any sort of plot. With the level progression comes only increasing difficulty in terms of duck speed and direction changing. Duck Hunt is the type of game that doesnít need a complex narrative or flashy graphics in order to be fun. The simple pleasure of testing your aim with a fresh and new controller was enough to set it apart on the NES.
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    mobmarkymark's Duck Hunt (NES)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Tuesday 1 January, 2002

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