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    dmullig2's Halo 4 (360)

    [November 18, 2012 07:41:40 PM]
    This week I purchased Halo 4. I was very excited to get this game, as I was looking forward to a new shooter on the market that wasnít Call of Duty. As a franchise, Halo really paved the way for the modern console shooter, and I was really excited to go back to the shooter roots and be able to play that classic style of shooting. However, upon playing it, I was surprised to see that Halo 4 shares many similar qualities with Call of Duty than I had originally thought.

    The biggest difference from past Halo games is that Halo 4 is a lot faster. This really threw me off at first, as the slower pace of the Spartan soldier was kind of a series staple and one that I was anticipating. However, I was surprised to see that sprint is an automatic feature in the game, which further states the fact that Halo 4 is starting to get very similar to Call of Duty. It isnít a bad thing that the developers made the game faster paced, but it does make the game lose a little bit of itís identity.

    Other aspects that are similar to Call of Duty are some elements taken from the multiplayer side of things. Halo 4 now implements class loadouts, where players decide what kind of guns and abilities theyíre able to take into battle. There is also a kind of killstreak system, where players are rewarded for the amount of kills they get. They do have a Halo like quality to them, which certainly makes it seem that the developers are trying to make it their own, but at some points this strategy doesnít work. Some things feel distinctly Halo, while others veer into that Call of Duty category. Nevertheless, it is still Halo, and although some parts seem unoriginal and unlike previous iterations, the core aspect of being a Spartan and making things go boom is still really satisfying.
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    dmullig2's Halo 4 (360)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Sunday 18 November, 2012

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