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    TStanesa's Natural Selection 2 (PC)

    [November 19, 2012 03:14:06 PM]
    Well, let me start off by saying it's a lot easier to tell how much I've been playing this game by counting the hours since I got this game that I haven't been playing it. This game, which claims "it seamlessly combines shooter and RTS/strategy gameplay." What this actually means, rather than a player taking on the role of commanding troops in first person, is that one player takes the role of commander, and builds structures, researches upgrades, and orders troops around. However the "basic unit" of the commander is you, the player. What this entails is that you will unquestioningly obey his orders. While this may scare many, the truth is that you have no obligation to do what the commander says. However players will soon learn that quick and effective action based on orders will often lead to victory. This is usually enough incentive that players will listen to their commander. Now, while the concept of an RTS combined with a shooter may bring images of Starcraft as well as tears to the eyes of many RTS fans, the truth is that the game plays out much more like a shooter. While building elements are very important, combat and tactics are what really makes the difference in a battle. Often times, in the case of the commander either not being effective commanding troops, not having a microphone, or being too busy building to focus on combat, the troops take command, sometimes as one almost taking over as a sort of Field Commander, or other times as a more classic collaboration as seen in better matches of counterstrike. This is where the true value of Natural Selection 2 is revealed. Unlike many multiplayer games focused around teamwork, Natural Selection 2 actually succeeds in forcing players to work together in the majority of matches. I cannot emphasize enough how unique this is among online games today. Nearly all the players on each team will work collaboratively in forming strategies, scouting, and fighting.

    Also, it's cheap, even though to me it could be the best team based shooter to date. Buy this game. Do it, you won't regret it.
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    TStanesa's Natural Selection 2 (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Monday 19 November, 2012

    TStanesa's opinion and rating for this game

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