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    JordanC's Journey (PS3)

    [December 7, 2012 02:16:30 PM]
    The only thing in video games that are the highest quality it can achieve right now is music. There is enough space in the disk to allow the music quality to only be limited by the quality of the speakers you are using to listen to it. What really counts now is what it sounds like, how it is composed, and if it fits the game. In days long passed music in games consisted to simple bleeps and chirps that formed a melody as simple as the game mechanics. They were memorable, even if they were bare bones, but fit the game very well. Come to think of it, most older games all had fairly distinct soundtracks. Grant it, I was not alive in the 80s and early 90s to experience all the gaming world had to offer, but Iíve played a fair number of games from the past and canít think of one that I could not hum the tune of off the top of my head. The funny thing is, is that I donít think I could do that with most games now a days. Dot want to get into the argument of Ďthings were better back then and are trash now so we should take a step backí, because thatís not what this is about. This is about how many soundtracks in newly released games can come off for the most part a little bland, and that when a game is released that has an exceptional soundtrack it really stands out.
    The game Journey was released a while back and is in my opinion one of the beast games released last year, with one of the beast soundtracks ever recorded. The soundtrack, unlike many games out on the market, is not there because a game needs music, but partners with the game. The mix of Asian, Middle Eastern, and Western motifs in the game set the world as something new and exotic, while showing through echoing melodies that it is a world that is past its prime. As the character makes his journey up the mountain, so does the soundtrack. Itís hard to describe without playing the game as they both work with each other so well, but if I were to now listen to the whole soundtrack, I get the same feeling I do as I play the game. I go on a journey, and thatís what makes good music.
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    JordanC's Journey (PS3)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Friday 7 December, 2012

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