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    JordanC's Saint's Row: The Third (PC)

    [December 8, 2012 02:06:23 PM]
    The biggest complaint among many gamers today is linearity in games. While at times linearity can deliver a rich story, like with the Uncharted series, it can reduce a game to nothing more than a movie that requires you to press a button every once in a while. These games tend to be the triple A modern military shooters such as Call of Duty and one of the worst offenders Medal of Honor. Many people are becoming fed up with linearity and its starting to unfairly be coined as a bad quality in a game. Gamers are wanting the ultimate freedom in their games. Weíve had freedom before in sandbox games like Grand Theft Auto and MMOs offer great freedom such as World of Warcraft. However I recently picked up a game that has given me the most un-linear experience I might have ever experienced in a game, Saints Row the Third. This game has no hold on what the player can do. I right off the bat gives you the ability to make whatever character type you want. I for example made a black cross dressing fat man with a Latino girlís accent named Charity. Charity has her goals in mind as the leader of the most prominent gang in the world. Killing everyone in sight. I couldnít even begin to tell you what the story is because Iíve only done three missions, yet I still have 15 percent of the game completed. Itís nice to have a game that does not put any restrictions on you, that truly is an open world game. A world that I can hop in and mess about in for 20 minutes then leave feeling like I did something. It certainly shows the appeal of the non-linear form of gaming.
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    JordanC's Saint's Row: The Third (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Saturday 8 December, 2012

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