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    szahirieh's Sonic Adventure DX (GC)

    [December 9, 2012 05:18:38 PM]
    Sonic Adventure DX for the Nintendo GameCube is an action adventure game that features six different characters, each with their own different game play styles. This variety of game play makes it so if the player gets bored of one game play style, he or she can switch to another. However, some of the game play types are better than others. The best of them all is Sonic's and Tails game play. They both involve high speed, engaging, and addictive high speed movement and platforming. The only different between the two is while Sonic's game play is more speed orientated, Tail's game play involves him having to race to the finish against an opponent. Tails also has the ability to fly, while Sonic has the ability to use the homing attack. Knuckles' game play has him moving and gliding around a set stage looking for three randomly spawned pieces of the master emerald. Due to his high speed and gliding ability, Knuckles' game play is, while not as much as Sonic's and Tails', very fun and addicting. The other three characters aren't as exciting. Gamma's game play is a semi-paced third person shooter that is very easy, and it is somewhat fun. Amy's game play is like a very slow version of Sonic's, requiring slow platforming and running away from enemies. Big has the worst of them all, as his core mechanic is a very poorly made fishing. He does not even belong in the game in my opinion. What this game does well is having each character have his or her own role in the story, and then allowing everything to come together at the end. Although this game isn't the best due to the game play of some unnecessary characters, it is still a very well made and addicting game when considering the story and the gameplay of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles.
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    szahirieh's Sonic Adventure DX (GC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Sunday 9 December, 2012

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