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    vgray12's Burnout Revenge (PS2)

    [December 9, 2012 07:24:58 PM]
    I have grown up loving racing and car games. The Burnout series of games were among my favorite. Burnout Revenge is the fourth video game in the Burnout series of racing games. In Burnout Revenge, players compete in a range of racing game types with different aims. These take place within rush-hour traffic, and include circuit racing, Road Rage, Burning Lap, Eliminator, and Crash. A new gameplay feature in Burnout Revenge is the ability to ram same-way small to medium traffic, known as traffic checking, propelling the rammed car forward; the event in which a checked car hits a rival is considered as a Traffic Takedown. Traffic checking is the focus of a new race type, Traffic Attack, which can be used later on. During these events, players have access to a limited amount of boost which is acquired through various dangerous driving techniques, including but not limited to driving on the wrong side of the road, tailgating opponents and drifting. Unlike other video games in the racing genre, players are encouraged, and sometimes even required, to ram rival cars and cause traffic to crash. Causing a rival to crash is referred to as a Takedown. This rewards the player by extending the length of their boost gauge and completely refilling it. In designated events, boost can also be used to activate a "Crashbreaker" during a crash, detonating the car and causing other nearby cars to crash. When the rival car takes the player down, the player will have to take the ultimate REVENGE by taking down the revenge rivals is referred to as "Revenge Takedown".

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    vgray12's Burnout Revenge (PS2)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Sunday 9 December, 2012

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