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    KTGOMASON117's Plants vs Zombies HD (iPd)

    [December 9, 2012 09:54:22 PM]
    This week I played Plants vs Zombies. This tower defense game by PopCap Games is not a recent game, but it is still fun to play through. The game has players fight off the invading zombies by planting certain types of plants that combat the zombies. To create these plants, players have to buy them with suns. To collect suns, players can grow them from sunflowers or by collecting them as they fall from the sky. The plants each have a unique ability that has advantages over certain types of zombies, for example the potato plant is great to be used against the zombies that can pole jump.
    There are several different environments that change the gameplay of the game. When it is nighttime in the game, there are no suns that come down from the sky. This lowers the amount of resources the players have available to make plants. To balance this out, there are certain plants that can grow at a lower cost of suns, or no costs of suns. There is also a level that has a pool in it that requires players to first build a place to put plants on the water before the plants can be placed.
    The game is fun for waiting in lines where you can put it down and pick it up again as need be. There is no story arc in the game, there is no definitive reason as to why plants are being used to kill zombies, but it is a nice, casual game to play if you're bored.
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    KTGOMASON117's Plants vs Zombies HD (iPd)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Monday 3 December, 2012

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