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    fanwar3's Dead Space 2 (PS3)

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    fanwar3's Dead Space 2 (PS3)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Tuesday 11 December, 2012

    fanwar3's opinion and rating for this game

    Dead Space 2 was one of the amazing apocalyptic games I have ever played. I have beaten six chapters of the game and have nine more to go. I have first played the original Dead Space on my iPad. It was great and I got used to using the plasma cutter to take apart necromorphs. And, I used the plasma cutter to shoot necromorphs from a distance. Then, I tried out the Ray gun, which was more advanced than the original plasma gun. Whenever I killed a necromorph, I got to have extra ammunition for my weapons. My health would regenerate in the original game, but not in Dead Space 2. In Dead Space 2, I had to pick up medical packs in compartments or dead corpses and necromorphs to heal myself. I had most of the same experiences while playing Dead Space 2 on PS3, but my health would not regenarte itself and I never was able to saw off necromorphs. I played as Isaac Clarke in the second Dead Space, but played as a girly Vandal in the mobile version of Dead Space. This is where Dead Space 2 comes in. As Isaac, I pick up the plasma cutter, wear an engineering suit, and fight of hoards of necromorphs that are out to kill me. The goal of this game is to find and obliterate the religious idol (the Marker) causing all of the apocalypse, but the story makes the game great as Isaac is fighting his internal war. He is totally ruined by the events in the Dead Space games. He saw hallucinations during his time on the spaceship USG Ishimuara, but it is the fact that his girlfriend died on the vessel after he wanted her to work there. I have a lot of exciting parts in Dead Space 2. Isaac's struggle with his combat strategies is more satisfying than it was in the orignal Dead Space (on Xbox 360 and PS3). He is light and fast on his feet. I can stomp crates swiftly and melee attack necromorphs, grabbing things with telekinesis is very responsive, and mixing all of this with different weapons is a blast. I can also stomp on dead bodies to get medical packs or ammunition for my weapons. Slowing down a necromorph, shooting off its arm, and using the limb to take down a foe on the wall is so beautiful it never gets old. The environments are very attractive in Dead Space 2. I run down the halls and corridors from Point A to Point B and necromorphs pop out for me to kill. There are environments that range from cheery schoolhouses to pitch black rooms. I like how the game throws childish themes and combines it with the dark theme of necromorphs. Once these themes are combined, I hear childish sounds while killing off the children-looking necromorphs, In one part of the game, I heard toys making sounds and then I saw a bunch of baby-looking necromorphs running at me in hoards. I felt like I was going to die and I will never finish off that hoard. But I did, with sophisticated weaponry and tactics. This hoard came on the airport with children stores and at the schoolhouse gymnasium. While I was running through the schoolhouse, I saw a variety of child-like colors and heard some nursery rhymes. There was another religious theme that took place in the church. The main religion was Unitology, a religion in which many believe that the human race was created by the intelligent design of a divine alien agency and will be reunified after death in Heaven through a power known as the Marker. The Church of Unitology looked fantastic and there were some scare moments there. The goal is to be against that religion. There were some really hard moments in Dead Space 2. One of them took place in the laundry room. In that place, I had to pick up extra ammunition and health behind those laundry machines and make sure I have enough health to survive the hoard of necromorphs coming at me. If I didn't, I would not finish the hoard and I would die, having to restart the checkpoint again. When I went close to the door, the lights went out in the room. I had to turn my TV's brightness all the way up to see what was going on. I heard the sound of necromorphs coming at me and it was very difficult to kill all of them. One of the hardest necromorphs to kill was the one that looked like a medium-sized human being and was able to vomit out infectious chemicals, which led to my demise in the room. I had put him in stasis so I can effectively kill him. Then there were skinny necromorphs that were running very fast and I could not stand them. Necromorphs were coming at me from different angles, and I had to stand near the back door. They were very hard to kill, since I was already running out of stasis and my health was about to run real low. It took me about six tries to kill all the necromorphs in the room and the door in the back was “unlocked.” I was happy when it said that but there were like three more necromorphs coming at me. It was a very difficult moment and I was glad to walk out of that room. Another really hard moment took place in the warehouse. This was the part where the raptors hiding stealthily for one moment and then coming out one by one at really high speeds. This reminded me of the scene from Jurassic Park when the kids were hiding in the counters in the kitchen when the dinosaurs started to attack the kitchen. The raptors were really hard to kill, as I was already running out of stasis and ammunition. So I had another way to kill them while saving ammunition and stasis; I had to pick up one of the fallen poles using telekinesis and launch them at the raptors. This was a successful tactic and I was able to walk out the warehouse. If you want a really well-defined apocalyptic game, then check out Dead Space 2. It is really fun.

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstar

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