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    Johto_Kin's Advance Wars 2:Black Hole Rising (GBA)

    [December 11, 2012 11:55:13 PM]
    I finally got the motivation to start playing this game and I will say, "it is an amazing turn-based strategy game. What I really enjoyed is the developer's idea of putting power ups and specializing commanders to the game. This on its own forces players to think differently with unit compositions and go for units that are benefited by the commander. Another great feature is a risk factor as you can attack an enemy, it can sometimes be ineffective in destroying an enemy completely in which they counter attack. This can tempt players like Risk where they can risk attacking an enemy to destroy them, but can be attacked back and possibly destroyed in the process. To add on to all of this, there's also different factors to the units like ships lose a certain amount of fuel each turn, just blowing up if it runs out, and movement restrictions that prevent certain units to move to one space or lower the available amount of movement because of terrain. The implementation of this really shows how much the developers wanted to balance out the game units to produce reasonable and fair game play. Now to move away from game mechanics, this game also has a great way of implementing sound to the game as they added certain sounds to the different commanders to express their personality and also add character bios to allow the characters to really "know" the commander they are using and understand the story a lot better. The story is also perfectly, or semi-perfectly narrated into the game in which the game gives background story on what happened in the previous game and continues on in a forward progression that does not confuse the player. If the player is confused, a good explanation is given that also progresses with the story so there are no sidetracking. Overall this is a great game that really challenged me and I am looking forward to progressing in this game so I can see what happens next into the story.
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    Johto_Kin's Advance Wars 2:Black Hole Rising (GBA)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Thursday 6 December, 2012

    Johto_Kin's opinion and rating for this game

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