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    mobmarkymark's Paper Toss 2 (iPd)

    [December 13, 2012 06:12:58 AM]
    Paper Toss 2 is the sequel to the classic mobile game Paper Toss. The sequel keeps true to the game’s core mechanics, but adds other features such as upgrades and extra levels. The game consists of the player attempting to toss a paper ball into a trashcan. Seems easy enough right? It is, until you take into account the fan that blows the paper ball in certain directions. The player must compensate for the fan blowing the paper ball by tossing the ball towards the fan. There are different speeds at which the fan blows, and you can see the strength of the wind by examining the number at the bottom of the screen. The higher the number, the stronger the fan is blowing. The core mechanics of the game are pretty much limited to the player flicking the ball in a certain direction. This is accomplished by swiping a finger across the paper ball in the desired direction. The objective of the game is to gain as many points as possible through making the paper balls into the basket. When the player scores consecutive times in a row, a score multiplier is started. This means that the player will earn exponentially more points for each basket made. There are a number of upgrades available for purchase with the game’s currency. These can range from temporarily increasing the basket size to turning off the fan for a few turns. In addition, there are a number of different levels that player can choose. An abundance of levels gives variety to a game that would most likely get boring after a while. Paper Toss 2 is about as simple as it gets in terms of its mechanics, but its numerous levels and expansive features make it an extremely enjoyable mobile game.
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    mobmarkymark's Paper Toss 2 (iPd)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Saturday 1 December, 2012

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