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    asanori's Guitar Hero III: Legentds of Rock (Wii)

    [December 13, 2012 08:09:28 PM]
    Guitar Hero III is a great party game. While the one-player mode is fun, itís best played after all of the songs are unlocked so that two people can play cooperatively or competitively. Similar to DDR, this game requires the player to time their taps of a guitar-shaped controllerís buttons to match the falling note pattern on the screen. The goal is to collect points and maintain note streaks; this will result in advancement to harder songs, until all songs have been successfully played through and a cut scene establishes the player as a Guitar Hero. What makes this game unique as opposed to the first two versions of the game are the cameo appearances of two famous guitar players, who wrote challenging scores for players to duel the bosses with.
    A very interesting innovation that this game has to separate it from DDR is the inclusion of battle gems. These are power ups that players can unleash against each other (or the bosses) to interfere with their playing of the song and force them to lose. Another type of power up, Star Power, is used when in one-player mode; it multiplies a playerís score by two. Both types of power up utilize the Wiiís motion sensors. When the guitar-controller is held in a vertical position (in the same way that a guitarist will tilt his/her guitar up during a concert to showcase his/her virtuosity), the power ups are activated.
    There is scant environment development for this game; level design is not really necessary, though the background of the scrolling notes features interesting things like the band members, audience, and stage. One of the great things about the design of the background is when it shows your character playing, they are not animated to just strum over and over; their fingers actually move in the appropriate rhythm that the player is expected to perform. If a sequence is unclear or confusing, itís helpful to keep an eye on the right hand of the lead guitarist.
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    asanori's Guitar Hero III: Legentds of Rock (Wii)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Thursday 13 December, 2012

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