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    TenebrioNimbus's Gauntlet: Dark Legacy (GC)

    [February 28, 2013 11:38:22 AM]
    Gauntlet: Dark Legacy is a continuation of the old arcade game, Gauntlet, where players can select from 4 characters with different attributes and make their way through many levels of dungeon and several boss fights.

    The newer version introduces 4 more characters for a total of 8; the warrior and dwarf (strength specialists), the knight and valkyrie (armor specialists), the archer and jester (speed specialists), and the wizard and sorceress (magic specialists).

    Each of the attributes affects certain parts of the character's performance. Strength is a measure of how much damage their attacks deal, Armor indicates how much damage they take from enemy attacks, Speed is the attribute for how fast they move and attack, and Magic determines how large their potion effect is and how much damage it deals.

    The game is a controlled-camera-angle hack and slash / shooter style game. All characters launch projectiles at enemies (humorous to see a warrior hurling endless axes), and each has a melee attack for when monsters come too close. The player progresses through 11 worlds, each with its own unique boss. The enemies, with some exceptions, spawn from generators located in the area, which must be destroyed to stop the flow of monsters. As the generators take damage, they generally collapse or shrink, and produce smaller and weaker monsters until they are destroyed. Monsters that don't spawn from generators include generals (bigger, stronger, and much tougher versions of the general enemy type for the world), golems (massive, tough monsters with large area attacks and slow movement), gargoyles (large, tough, dragon-like enemies with breath attacks), and deaths (robed skeletons that chase the players and suck their health or experience, depending on the color of their robe).

    Players must deal with some resource management (potions, keys, health, gold), and depending on their strategy, lots of area control. For example, I played this game a lot with my mom and dad when I was younger, and we would always position ourselves so that two were firing sideways through a choke point, killing all the incoming monsters, while another aimed directly in towards the generator, cutting a line to it and destroying it.

    The game is somewhat open-world, allowing the players to enter any world they have gathered the prerequisite number of crystals for, meaning that a player could visit every world of the original 8 worlds before defeating a single boss.

    In terms of gameplay, Gauntlet: Dark Legacy really shines in multiplayer. It's fun to play solo, but gets boring rather quickly, but with more players, the game becomes very competitive very quickly and can be fun all the way to the end.

    My overall rating for it is a 4 out of 5. Great fun with friends or family, but little single-player or replay appeal for me.
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    TenebrioNimbus's Gauntlet: Dark Legacy (GC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Thursday 28 February, 2013

    TenebrioNimbus's opinion and rating for this game

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