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    SCDevinA's 007: Agent Under Fire (GC)

    [January 12, 2007 02:40:24 AM]
    It seems like a fun game to play on and off, but it rather fails to be long lastingly-engaging due to its simple play and unsophisticated plotline and environments.

    The game involves lengthy "cinematic" introductions for all missions that involves small icons of the main characters of the James Bond movie series talking to you about the mission you are about to undertake. Seemingly lasting forever, these mission-introductions seemed to be an unsuccesful attempt to appeal to those gamers interested in a roleplay adventure, while failing to provide an interesting, or even bearable, mission background.

    Gameplay varied from mundane to impossible, with near to no range in between. Missions--which I played under "Operative", or easy, status--went very quickly from quick 3 minute long run throughs to extremely difficult, dragging experiences that involved many deaths at multiple stages of the mission.

    Control of the main character, James Bond, was intuitive and followed closely the standards for first person shooters developed for the Gamecube. Gameplay in terms of this aspect was intuitive, but at times rather agitating. In example of this, the "c-stick"'s up and down motion served to move the gun up and down, but when moved right would make Bond strafe instead.

    Similarly troubling was the other aspect of targeting: manual targeting. Manual targeting was rather jerky, with the crosshairs jumping inches at a time across the screen, while still requiring you to actually move Bond's angle left or right to move the crosshairs, as opposed to moving his arms to a neaw firing location.

    Overall, this game proved to be enjoyable in the short time, but did not provide the addictive aspect that similar games, such as Resident Evil Four, provided, and also failed to provide a background for the game itself, other than that of the movies (which, at times, it got wrong: the golden gun did not kill on the first shot, but instead on the third!)
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    [January 12, 2007 02:40:08 AM]
    Begining my gameplay of 007: Agent Under Fire, I am met with a simple-to-follow plotline that I was able to quickly jump into without difficulty. Controling my character was very intuitive: I did not even need to look at the layout of the controller that was provided for me with a list of what each button did.

    The first few missions have gone by extremely quickly. I was amazed, in fact, by how fast I was moving through them. While I have played other shooters in the past, I am no god in terms of the first person shooter world, but even I was able to move through the first number of levels like a hot knife through butter.

    Perhaps because I did not look at the layout for the controller, when James Bond--the protagonist for this game as he is in the movies--suddenly found himself driving a car, I was at a complete loss for how to drive it, and ended up wasting much of the car's ammo trying to figure out how to drive the car.

    This game seems to be of a generally average nature: more to come when I have completed more of the missions.
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    SCDevinA's 007: Agent Under Fire (GC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Monday 8 January, 2007

    SCDevinA's opinion and rating for this game

    While providing an enjoyable experience in the short-term, this game fails to provide proper backgrounds for its missions, and tries to make up for it with inadquate, lengthy and boring mission-introductions that fail to capture the imagination, or interest, of the player.

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstar

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