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    ghlee's Battlefield 1942 (PC)

    [January 19, 2007 04:38:12 AM]
    I've playing Battlefield 1942 today for about an hour. I played on online with other people this time. I was a noob so I was dying without actually killing anybody. I tried to ride on the aircraft but other people took the aircraft before me. I started with a medic. Medic was an interesting unit because it uses machinegun and also can heal himself and others. I had a chance to shoot the enemies and also had a chance to have more health than others since I was able to heal myself.

    I was weak against snipers and crafts. I was getting either ranover or bombed by tanks and aircrafts. I was dying out of nowhere and I figured that I got sniped from far away. The game is fine however people didn't really work together. Since there was none of good strategies between players, games weren't very fun or exciting.

    Only bad thing about today's game experience was that I wasn't good at this game. I was sponed and died right away most of the time.
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    [January 12, 2007 03:02:04 AM]
    Battlefiled 1942 is different than any other shooter games becuase you can control the airplane, warships, tanks, and more. It teaches the basic information about the battlefiled in 1942 and also lets players to have an idea the looks of the filed. Each country units speak their own language, own uniform, own weapons, and own vehicles. However, this game gets boring with missions that have same goals and limited weapons. This game only gets better with multiplayer game. In addition, multiplayer game wouldn't be any fun with small number of player because the battlefiled is not small and it would be more like who shoots first than having better strategies.

    I like this game because it lets you know about the war in 1942 and its look of battlefield. It tought me some of backgound of the war and also tought me that it's possible to win a war with 10 times smaller arimes as long as you have a great strategies.

    When I played the Battlefiled 1942, game was extremely easy. Bots were very dumb and their aim get ridiculiously better by increasing the difficulties of bots. It gets boring after winning a few missions because the goal of each mission was taking flags and eliminating opponents. Taking more flags makes the process of eliminating opponents faster and also lets the player's country to have more crafts. I enjoyed flying with aircrafts and running over opponent's soldiers with tanks.

    I prefer this game to multiplayer gamers because it's really fun to play and communicate eachother to have their own strategies.(It's much better to see human brain playing than a computer playing because computer does the same thing over and over). Personally, it is very funny to see other players crashing with their aircrafts by an accident.
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    ghlee's Battlefield 1942 (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Friday 12 January, 2007

    ghlee's opinion and rating for this game

    Controlling tanks, airplanes, submarine, battleship, and more makes the Battlefield 1942 different than any other shooter games.

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstar

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