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    StreetSmarts's 21 (Other)

    [February 10, 2014 08:42:22 PM]
    Yesterday in the basketball gym I played two games of 21 with two other fellows. There are no officially defined rules to the game and there are many variances. However what is universal about the game is that it is every man for himself essentially playing a game of basketball against all the other competitors. Whoever is in possession of the ball is defended by all the other players. If a player scores, he has the opportunity to shoot free throws for one point for each made. Some people shoot these from the free throw line and some shoot 3-pointers as free throws. We shot three pointers. Another varying rule is that players can tip in other players' shot attempts and if successful the original shooter goes back to a score of zero. Other rules that can be implemented are 3 tips and you're out. We did not play tips in our games. So ultimately the first person to score 21 points wins. In both games I was able to find creative ways to get open shots and score by spinning, using fancy dribble moves, and driving. However, one of the competitors literally could not miss a three point shot. I might be exaggerating but he rarely missed. He had such a beautiful stroke similar to that of Manu Ginobli (a professional player from Argentina). As a result, he won both games. Nonetheless, I adopted a lusory attitude throughout the games and was able to leave my habitual state of real-life anxiety. It is this that ultimately motivates me to play the game.
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    StreetSmarts's 21 (Other)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Sunday 9 February, 2014

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