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    deuceswild2's Grand Theft Auto III (PS2)

    [March 3, 2014 08:31:15 PM]
    Grand Theft Auto III is a game made in 2001 that is full of fun and excitement. This game is a third person perspective type of game. If you havenít played this game or any of the other Grand Theft Auto titles I will give you a brief synopsis of how the game actual is and plays before I dive into writing about playing the game twice for this review. Grand Theft Auto III lets you do as the title says, steal cars, and then some. It gives you the ability to basically start havoc on a little place called Liberty City. You can use a number of weapons and shoot enemies, innocent bystanders, and vehicles. The deeper you go into the game the more weapons become available to be able to buy at the local gun stores that just happen to seem like they are located on every block. You have a safe house where you can save the game and have your character sleep and advance six hours in the game world. Cars are driven by random people placed into the game and you can either take the car from them via gun point, throw them out the car, or if they are driving a motor cycle then you can hit the motor cycle and make the person fly right off the handle bars. There is a point to actually beat and play the game though. The game has missions that the player must complete to go through the story line to actually see the ending of the game. While playing the missions there is video of the characters actually interacting and handling business before causing chaos. So now that I have given a brief synopsis of the game now letís get into the fun stuff; the actual game play. The first time I played was the very beginning of the actual gameplay. You are introduced to your player (who is dressed in prison gear) and you have to get yourself in the car that is in front of you and get you and your partner to a building that is indicated by the pink dot that is displayed on the game. Once you get to the destination you get a change of clothes and you go back to your vehicle to you have a new location to go to continue the mission. Once you get to that location and have some dialogue pass through you are rewarded with money and a mission completion is achieved. After the first mission, you have the option to do however you please if you donít want to just continue going through the missions so thatís exactly what I did. I wanted to start some hell in the streets. So I punch a police officer and stomp him out until I get what I want from him: a pistol. Then, I start firing shots in any and every direction there was people. If I killed someone and they had cash I was able to pick that cash from their pockets. Unfortunately, the police department in the game doesnít take too lightly to crime in the city so eventually they get on my tail and they started shooting me and I was slowly losing life. I started running and running. I shot every time I got far enough from them to feel comfortable but as soon as I got far enough from one another would appear and I eventually died. When your player dies in the game he appears outside of a hospital with less money than he had before and no weapons. That completes my first game play. That game play is the usual length of play for me in any GTA game, unless I have cheat codes because the more attention you get from the police the harder it is to hide and evade them. The strength of the police gets stronger too with the added attention. The cops go from street level cops all the way to SWAT teams, FBI, and the army. The second game play through was more fun and excitement, well at least for me it was. I started of the game much just like I did before: starting a shooting in the street. Only this time after shooting and getting the attention of the police I steal a car from a driver passing through and drove off to a car spray shop to get a new paint job on the car and to avoid the police because for some reason even though the police can clearly see you go into a paint shop the idea of a new paint job just confuses them and you lose all of your police attention. So after that, I got down the street and just run over people and end up getting back the people attention that I just lost for a minute. So that car ride eventually turns into a high speed chase literally. The chase goes on for a while until I run over a few spike strips and run into a wall where my car stalls out. So now itís a foot chase and I have to bolt until I find a new car. But as soon as I get in the car itís too late. Iím getting shot and a police comes to the door and points his gun in my characters face and the words appear on the screen: ďBustedĒ. I got arrested and next appeared outside of the police station with less money and no weapons. That is the end of my game analysis I hope you enjoyed.
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    deuceswild2's Grand Theft Auto III (PS2)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Monday 3 March, 2014

    deuceswild2's opinion and rating for this game

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