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    ViewtifulBoe's Halo 2 (XBX)

    [January 12, 2007 06:00:10 AM]
    After reviewing Halo 2, my previous opinions about the brillience of the game still stands. However, I would also like to note some of the details that I noticed while playing the game, especially in the multiplayer mode. The weapons are each good for different scenarios and for different players. For example, the battle rifle is balanced in range, power, ammunition, and is pretty basic. It fires its rounds in medium damaging "bursts." The rifle serves the purpose of ranged killing to medium ranged killing. It is not very good in close combat as compared to a weapon such as the shotgun or the plasma sword which are both instant kills when used at the correct distance. The battle rifle is best used when the player aims for their opponants head. It is important to hit your opponant in the head or the torso because some spots deal more damage to your opponant than other spots. The sniper rifle kills in 2 shots to the torso, but kills your opponant in one shot if the head is hit. There are also other instruments to assist in killing. Cloaking is a temporary thing that players can find on the battle field that makes them (almost) invisible, this makes them hard to find and allows them to sneak up on opponants for easy kills. There are also things called "over-shields" which give the player temporary extra health that makes them harder to kill.
    The vehicles can also be used as weapons beyond their mounted guns. They can be used to ram opponants (which results in instant death), they can be used for cover (when under fire), they can also be grenaded which results in a double explosion potentially killing multiple opponants at once.
    One of the things that I noticed about the levels is that they are very balanced in the sense that players that specialize in certain weapons don't nessesarily have the "upper hand" over their opponants. There are usually open spaces and cover for snipers, long hallways, underground levels, towers, teleporters, mounted turrets, caves, and/or vehicles assorted around the level to balance out the match. This aspect of the game makes sure that every level is fun for all the players and allows the gamers to use many different strategies to win.
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    [January 12, 2007 05:45:37 AM]
    For my first gamelog game I decided to play Halo 2 for the X-Box. Halo 2 is a first-person shooter that takes place in the future. Basically, humanity discovers an alien race called The Covenant. The Covenant are attempting to "purify" humanity, in other words, they are attempting to destroy humanity. I played a few hours of the single player game and I played a few hours of the multiplayer game as well. The original Halo was revolutionary because of the games incredible artificial intelligence. The levels in the single player are large and well detailed. The levels are interactive and the opponants are intelligent and powerful. Your own troops are supportive and interactive and they carry a massive array of weaponry including battle rifles, shotguns, sub machine guns, magnums, sniper rifles, grenade launchers, rocket launchers, and many more. There are also many Covenant "plasma weapons" that the player can take. The player can also carry up to 8 grenades, 4 are human "frag grenades" and 4 are Covenant "plasma grenades." There are also multiple vehicles such as the "Warthog" which is a mix between a hummer and a dune buggy that seats 3 players and has a hounted gatling gun on the rear of the vehicle, the "Ghost" which is an alien hovering vehicle that seats one rider and has 2 mounted cannons on the front the vehicle, and the "Banshee" that is an alien plane that seats one passenger and has mounted cannons on the front of the ship. The vehicles are easy to control and have the potential to be very powerful.
    The multiplayer mode was also a great experience. The levels ranged from very small to very large and incorporated all of the weapons and vehicles from the single player mode. The multiplayer can have up to 4 human players or can have more if there are more x-boxes in the local area network or have "X-box live" which is an online gaming system that allows players to play agains't other opponants who also have "X-box live." I believe that there can be up to 16 players in a level when there is a LAN connection or an X-Box live connection set up. The players create there own character in the character creation portion of the game. They choose whether they want their body type to be human or covenant (the choice does not determine what team that you play on in the multiplayer), you choose your characters colors, name, controls, and the symbols that are marked on them (examples: #1, military symbols, rank, star, eagle, etc.) There are also many types of gaming modes in the multiplayer. My favorite is called "Slayer." The object of a "Slayer" match a free-for-all round where players kill as many human opponants as they can until someone reaches the maximum kill count (standard is 25 kills), if you aquire the most kills you have won the round. There are also team matches, capture the flag, king the hill, and many other modes that I haven't gotten to try yet.
    Halo 2 was an amazing game. The weapons were balanced and fun to use. The computer players were intelligent and challanging. The levels ranged in size and environment type. Overall, Halo 2 was remarkable.
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    ViewtifulBoe's Halo 2 (XBX)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Friday 12 January, 2007

    ViewtifulBoe's opinion and rating for this game

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