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    jkincade's Animal Crossing (GC)

    [July 24, 2014 02:31:13 PM]
    This is my first session playing Animal Crossing. I'm trying to pin it down in terms of its time mechanic. I'm really interested in how that interacts with the game's fictional possibilities.

    This first play session has been mostly filled with tutorial-type information and tasks. Getting acclimated to the map was rather difficult, because there are some fetch quests that require you to run around a bit. But the designers seem to anticipate that response on the players' parts (Tom Nook supplies the you with one after a sarcastic remark).

    The fact that player owes Tom Nook money at least gives a reason for the player to perform these tasks. Hopefully the game play will open further after that. Why these characters have lent others these objects is unclear. As is the fact that they can't get them back themselves, across what seem really tedious distances. Why does Weber have Mitzi's handkerchief? Why did Mitzi give Weber's Game Boy to Twirp?

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    jkincade's Animal Crossing (GC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Thursday 24 July, 2014

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