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    jp's Flipper Critters (DS)

    [September 10, 2014 03:17:04 PM]
    Pinball games are probably my guilty pleasure. There's not much to be guilty about actually, but it means that I'm generally interested in videogame pinball as well. To be clear, I think that some of the most underrated and unappreciated games (on several platforms) are pinball games. Metroid Pinball, Pokemon Pinball, etc.

    Flipper Critters was a bit of a letdown though. For me it wasn't about the low-poly graphics, but rather I never really understood the design of the areas/tables, what the objectives were and how to go about them. I also ran into some technical issues (glitches) that soured me on the game as a whole.


    It's by Zen Studios, and they clearly know what they're doing. So maybe I should give this another go?
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    jp's Flipper Critters (DS)

    Current Status: Stopped playing - Got frustrated

    GameLog started on: Wednesday 10 September, 2014

    GameLog closed on: Wednesday 10 September, 2014

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