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    dkirschner's The Swapper (PC)

    [January 9, 2015 07:10:24 AM]
    Finished The Swapper just now! I really enjoyed this game and would play through it again if I didn't have 100 other games in my backlog. I want to get a repeat of the story, which was excellent. It confused me for a while because, as in my previous log, I thought the mysterious woman was too strange. It seemed like there were two women, and I wasn't sure what to make of it. But, it all comes together and makes sense. I also want to repeat the end, where you are given a neat choice to make.

    The Swapper is therefore an interesting game because I experienced this phenomenon several times: what you think is happening, or what you think is possible, is. It is even though it doesn't seem possible. That statement applies not only to the woman, but to the swapper, to your clones, to the fogs. I learned that I must be very perceptive while playing The Swapper.

    When I wrote my other GameLog for this, I was stuck on 5 puzzles. I completed 2 of them on my own and remained stuck on the final 3, which barred my way to the end of the game. I noticed that I had spent nearly twice as much time on the game as the average on, and was among the longest times. I would have loved to have spent more time and figure it all out myself, but I took a shortcut and just used a walkthrough for the final 3.

    I should have gotten one of those. It was an earlier puzzle that I was on the right track with, but just didn't quite get. The other two involved jump-absorbing, which I didn't know you could do. I had tried to do it, but I guess my clones weren't lined up just right or something, so I concluded that I couldn't do it. Anyway, I think I would have gotten one of them if I'd known about jump-absorbing, but the other one I think would have stumped me because I was way off.

    Plus, the clay art and ambient, desolate space-sounding music are wonderful. Highly recommend.

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    [December 31, 2014 07:55:59 AM]
    This is a cool 2d sidescrolling sci-fi puzzle game. The Swapper is a device that swaps people’s souls. You can use it to make clones of yourself. You must use the clones to solve the puzzles. The trick is that all your clones move in the same way that the one you are controlling moves. If you move left, they all move left. You jump, they jump. You can change the clone you are currently controlling by shooting it with the swapper.

    There are various obstacles, notably the red and blue (and purple = red+blue) fog. You can create clones in red fog, but can’t swap clones. You can’t create clones in blue fog, but can shoot your swapper beam through it. You’ve got to figure out the puzzle in each area by smartly positioning and manipulating your clones to collect the orb at the end. You need orbs to get to new areas of the space station.

    Some of these puzzles get brutal. I’m stuck on about 5 simultaneously and have set the game down to come at it another day with fresh eyes. I think I am so close to beating it and I haven’t used a walkthrough for help. There was an odd lull of difficulty when the gravity switches came into play. Walk over a gravity switch on the floor, and gravity for that clone is reversed. He walks on the ceiling now. Walk over a gravity switch on the ceiling, and that clone rights itself and comes back to the floor. But these have now been merged fully with buttons and the fog and the game is back to punishing me.

    The story is interesting, if vague. Narrative is presented through space station logs, as well as by walking past the game’s aliens, which are giant rock-like things aboard the space station. These, or their leader, have (un)intentionally killed the crew. They are telepathic and as you pass them, you hear their thoughts, which are usually philosophical ruminations about consciousness and metaphysics. Another character, a mysterious woman, is alive and sort of guiding you through the space station. She’s alternatively informative, helpful and hostile, and I’m unsure what to make of her. Sometimes I think there are two women talking, so maybe she is crazy as well. She is trying to land the space station on the planet below to return the aliens to their home, which she thinks will save me and her.

    Anyway, my current position is STUCK. I need 93 orbs to get through the next big roadblock and I’m at 91. That’s just one puzzle of the handful I’m stuck on. My objective is disabling solar panels so that I can get…somewhere. I never really know where I’m going or why. The mysterious woman says little and her odd shifts in mood confuse me.

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    dkirschner's The Swapper (PC)

    Current Status: Finished playing

    GameLog started on: Sunday 28 December, 2014

    GameLog closed on: Friday 9 January, 2015

    dkirschner's opinion and rating for this game

    Frikin cool puzzles. Hint: You can jump-absorb.

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstarstar

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