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    karthik_narayan's This war of mine (PC)

    [January 28, 2015 01:05:15 PM]
    Well, I have just finished my first complete playthrough and I have to say, I did not believe I would last 40 days, with all my survivors either dying of starvation, depression or getting killed while looking for supplies. I faced a lot of moral dilemmas during this playthrough, but I highly doubt that I would have taken a different stand, despite the circumstances.

    One of the major choices I faced is at what level of hunger and depression I would keep my survivors during the day. In the first couple of weeks, I would try to find enough food, so that they never went hungry. But when things started getting a little tight, I shifted my priorities to keeping them at the "hungry" level, but not letting them get to the "very hungry" or "starving" level. I believe this decision made them last longer, during periods when there was less food to share.

    While I definitely considered stealing from civilians - more precisely, defenseless civilians - a morally abhorrent thing to do, I had to make a choice between choosing the survival of my own people against the lives of an old couple(Kantianism, I suppose, though I still left enough food and meds for the couple).

    At the end of the playthrough, I just got frustrated by managing the survival of 5 survivors, and I started sending each of them on danger runs where there was a better chance of scoring more food and meds, despite the fact that they only had a shovel to defend themselves with. Cveta and Bruno died on a couple of these runs, however, Pavle scored quite a bit of food and meds, though he became lethally wounded. Katia committed suicide after two days of depression, after the deaths of two survivors. Pavle made it through three more days, before finally exhausting the food that he had so bravely collected and dying of starvation on the 41st day.

    I think at this point I just threw my moral compass out the window, since I wanted(or needed) to push people to the limit to get supplies for them to make it through the war.

    All in all, it was a great game to play and it brought up a lot of feelings when I saw the "recap" of my playthrough. I will definitely try out a different strategy for mere curiosity for my next playthrough...
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    [January 27, 2015 05:02:12 PM]
    Well, here we are into the next week, and I had a feeling it was going to be tough. My people were either feeling hungry or sad, and I had little food or books to manage either. So, that night, I decided to take a risk and headed out into a location which mentioned lots of food and meds, but cautioned me of danger, which I had no idea what the danger actually would be(traps, maybe?)

    When I entered the location, I saw four blips going about on two floors. Being cautious, I peered through the hole of the entry and gulped. There were four soldiers with guns(while Marko had a shovel) roaming around at least 8-9 possible locations, which could have food or other important stuff. Well, I couldnt back out now, since I would lose the night, and my peeps would have to go through starvation and depression for another day.

    So I ventured inside, and carefully scored some food, meds and books to read. As i was about to exit the area, I started speech bubbles about a guy harassing a women. Momentarily forgetting that I just had a shovel, I burst through the room. This seemed to startle the man, who immediately pulled out his gun. The girl used the distraction to escape, and I started to do the same. Just as I was about to exit the building, Marko got shot twice and died there. I felt so angry and stupid, that I had lost a survivor and the provisions I collected, for being a hero. However, the very next day, something good happened. The girl I saved, came back the next day to the shelter to thank us for saving her, and gave us some food.

    Two days later, after carefully scavenging whatever I could(food, parts, etc), we had another shelter-mate added to our group, Boris. Boris was shown to be physically strong, so I decided to take him on the last night of the week to the homeless decrepit location, where I was advised of caution(not danger). I didnt realize that this meant presence of restricted areas, which when entered is sure to trigger a conflict. I had Boris collect some basic things like wood and electrical parts, and entered the building beyond the homeless squat. As soon as I started collecting some food, two people noticed and open fire. I barely managed to escape and make it back to the shelter, however, Boris didnt make it through the next day, since we didnt have any bandages.

    At this point, I get the feeling that life in this game is not going to become easy and more people decide to take shelter with us. I sincerely hope that we get decent supplies every night without losing anybody.
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    [January 26, 2015 11:44:56 PM]
    This war of mine is one of the most engaging games I have played this year. This game puts the player in a position to make very difficult, sometimes impossible choices to ensure the survival of the civilians inside the shelter.
    The game started off by handing control of three civilians, Marko, Pavle and Bruno to me. The first few minutes I spent by just exploring the shelter, finding some food and some medicinal herbs (which sure came in handy since Bruno started off by being "slightly sick"). I started taking note of the speech bubbles above each character, which sometimes are vital hints to the survival of this group. Bruno suggested that we should keep warm, so I made Marko create a heater and placed in the middle floor. Marko also suggested that a cooked meal is preferable instead of eating raw food, which led to Marko making a crude stove for Bruno to cook food for the group.
    Soon enough, nightfall came and I had to choose one of the survivors to scavenge in different locations. I picked Marko since he was marked as a "skilled scavenger" and headed on to the first location, the Shelled Cottage.
    I had Marko scavenge around, and scored some food and water(both essential for a proper cooked meal). Marko also managed to find some mechanical parts which could be used to upgrade the shelter.
    The next day, I started seeing speech bubbles about Bruno and Pavle had slept poorly because of lack of beds. My first priority then became providing beds for the shelter, so that these survivors can have proper sleep while one of them went scavenging for the night. In the "Our Things" section, I noticed some suggestions about having books to read and chairs to sit on and read them. I didnt realize the significance of this, until the second night.
    Marko had already begun to feel tired after the previous night's hunt, so I decided to choose Pavle as the "night scavenger". I hit a different location, an old couple's home, which is where I faced my moral dilemma. Now, I had made a shovel, since Marko hinted that clearing debris off the path seemed to go faster with a shovel in hand.
    Once i enter the home, I saw lots of food and medication, which I knew would come in handy. However, the old lady seemed to having some sort of illness, which her husband insisted can be helped with the meds in-house. Now, I was stumped. On one hand, I had Bruno going through a fever back home, with no indication of recovering, and three survivors to feed, and on the other hand, this old couple who cannot defend themselves from scavengers. I quickly made some choice to take some food to last for a few days and some meds for Bruno(and others if they need them) and left the rest for the couple(Utilitarian of me, I hope).
    On my return, I was faced with a different situation. It seems that stealing from old people was not much appreciated by the group, and the entire group became sad. I had no way of knowing of how to cure this new problem, till I remembered reading the suggestion about Books. Fortunately, i managed to score some books, which the survivors automatically used to forget about the war.
    At this point, I thought it would be wise to have a plan before heading out into the night, and so I made a note of all the items that we had, so that I could decide which location to hit on my next hunt.
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    karthik_narayan's This war of mine (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Saturday 24 January, 2015

    karthik_narayan's opinion and rating for this game

    Very engaging game about survival and what one is willing to do in order to survive.

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstarstar

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