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    brenolleite's Truco (Other)

    [February 10, 2015 05:46:21 PM]
    Truco - Brazilian Card Game


    Truco is one of the most popular card games in Brazil, it might be played with two or four players. The main goal is to get 15 points before the other player or team, more about the rules will be explained in the rules section. Truco is not played only in Brazil, it is mostly played in south America. Moreover, other countries as Spain, Italy and France also play this game. Some theories say that Truco is a derivation from a game created in France called Truc. However, it is not very clear how Truco was created. There are some different types of Truco all over the world, this log will explain the Brazilian version.


    Deck: The game is played with a French deck, and the cards 8, 9, 10, and jokers are not used.

    Players: It can be played with 2 or 4 players, basically singles or doubles. Each player cannot see the other players hand, but they can communicate using signals to let their partner know his or her cards. In this log, all examples will be shown as a 4 players game because it is the most popular type, and all rules also can applied to 2 players game.

    Cards Ranking: The cards are ranked in crescent order as follows (4,5,6,7,Queen,Jack,King,Ace,2,3), where 3 is the highest and 4 the lowest, the card's suit does not matter. Moreover there is a card in the game that is called "The Joker", this card is higher than every other card in this sequence, note that the "joker" in this game is not the joker's card. The joker is chose every turn depending on a card that is draw, basically every single turn a new joker is chose. Different from normal cards, the joker's suit matters in order to choose the winner card. And its sequence is (Diamond, Spade, Heart, Club), where club is the highest, and Diamond is the lowest. The joker's choosing process will be more explained on the examples.

    Points: The winner of each turn(mini game) earn points, a normal turn gives the winner team/player 1 point. However, the teams could increase this value to 3 calling "Truco". Every time that a team calls "Truco", the turn points is increased by 3. So if one team call "Truco" and win the turn, it would get 3 points instead of 1. More than 1 "Truco" call can be called in the same turn, but they need to be divided between the teams. A same team cannot call "Truco" twice in sequence, team 1 needs to call "Truco" then team 2 calls "Truco"(Turn holding 6 points) and now team 1 can call "Truco" again. This rule will be more clear in the game example, where we call this turns mini games because every minigame has 3 turns. So in order to make it simpler, it will be called mini game.

    Dealing cards: The dealer has to give 3 cards for each player, the dealer shuffle the cards and gives to his or her left player cut the deck. After the cut, the dealer is going to draw a card that will be the card used to choose the joker, which was explained in the cards ranking section. This card is placed in the center of the table faced up, and the card right above to this card in the ranking scale is the joker in this turn, example: drew card is a 7 of diamond(suit does not matter), the joker will be the Queen that is the card right above 7 in the ranking sequence. After choose the joker, the dealer will give one card by one card to all players following an anticlockwise pattern.

    Turns: Each turn could be called a mini game as told before, so each winner of a mini game earn x points(x points depending on "Truco" calls). Every mini game is a best of 3 turns, each turn all players need to play 1 card, the winner of the turn is the team/player that played the highest card in the sequence counting with the "Jokers", which are the highest cards in the turn. So, the winner of 2 turn is the winner for the mini game summing x points to total team's points.

    Game ending: The game ends when a team gets 15 points; In order to get those points the team/player has to win mini games, and in order to win the mini games the team has to win the 2 of the 3 turns of the mini game.

    Truco: Every time that a team/player calls "Truco" the other team can either accept or decline the call, if the team accept the turn(mini game) will be counting 3, if the team decline the call the other team gets the mini game points counting in that instant. Every time that a "Truco" is called, the mini game points is increased by 3 except the first call that is increased only 2.

    Example: T1 = Team 1 | T2 = Team 2 | (T1, Truco) = Truco called by team 1 | p = mini game total points(as the pot in the poker) =>

    Game start p = 1
    (T1,Truco) p = 1
    T2 Accept p = 3
    (T2, Truco) p = 3
    T1 Accept p = 6
    (T1, Truco) p = 6
    T2 Decline

    Team 1 gets 6 points from this turn(mini game).

    Game Example: In this section, it will describe an example of the game play for 1 mini game.

    Team 1: Player 1 and Player 4
    Team 2: Player 2 and Player 3

    d = Diamond q = Queen
    c = Club j = Jack
    h = Heart k = King
    s = Spade a = Ace


    Turn 0 - Dealing cards and joker

    Player 1 = ([k,c],[q,s],[a,h]) *
    Player 2 = ([4,d],[3,s],[k,d])
    Player 3 = ([j,h],[2,d],[k,h])
    Player 4 = ([5,s],[7,d],[k,s])

    () = Represents the player's hand.
    [x,y] = Represents one card, where x = card's value and y = card's suit.
    * = Represents the dealer in this turn.
    - The card [j,d] is the drew card to determine the joker, in this case the joker is all king cards.


    Turn 1

    Player 1 = ([q,s],[a,h]) *
    Player 2 = ([3,s],[k,d])
    Player 3 = ([j,h],[k,h])
    Player 4 = ([7,d],[k,s])

    Table cards: {[4,d],[5,s],[2,d],{[k,c]}

    {} = Represents the cards played in this turn in order, note that the first player was the next one from the dealer in a anticlockwise pattern, in this example Player 2.
    -Team 1 won this turn, with player 1 highest card [k,c]. Note that this card is a joker, that's why is higher than [2,d].


    Turn 2

    Player 1 = ([a,h]) *
    Player 2 = ([k,d])
    Player 3 = ([j,h])
    Player 4 = ([7,d])

    Table cards: {[q,s],[3,s],[k,s],{[k,h]}

    -How player 1 played the highest card in the last turn, he has to start on this turn.
    -The highest card on this turn was [k,h] played by Player 3, so Team 2 won the turn. By now the mini game is tied 1 for both teams.

    Turn 3

    Player 1 = () *
    Player 2 = ([a,h])
    Player 3 = ([k,d])
    Player 4 = ([7,d])

    Table cards: {[j,h]}

    Player 1 calls Truco

    Team 2 Accept call

    Player 1 = () *
    Player 2 = ()
    Player 3 = ()
    Player 4 = ()

    Table cards: {[j,h],[a,h],[k,d],{[7,d]}

    -Player 3 is the first on this turn, he starts playing the card [j,h], so player 1 see a chance to call "Truco" because he has a card higher than him. So he calls "Truco", then Team 2 could accept and the mini game would be counting 3 points or they could decline and team 1 would get 1 point. However, They accepted the call because player 2 has a joker of diamond in hand, and knowing that the joker of club was already played he is pretty sure that he has the highest card on the game.
    -So as told before, the highest card on this turn was [k,d]. And team 2 won the mini game adding 3 points to their total points. This process is repeated until a team gets 15 points.


    Truco is a turn based card game, some of its strategies are similar to poker. You can bluff calling a "Truco" when you do not have a good card, and even though get the points. There is also strategy that involve the player's time to play, if player one start playing and he knows that the other player in his team is going to play a high card is better he plays a card with low value. However it may be trick some times, as the game showed above, the team 1 has ([k,c] and [k,s]) cards against the team 2 ([k,d] and [k,h]). In theory team 1 has higher cards than team 2, but team 2 won the mini game because they knew how to play the cards in the right time(second turn [k,h] was higher than [k,s]), which means that team 1 wasted a joker for nothing. It is basically a game where you have to play as a team, and make sure that you are playing the cards in the right time.

    Additional rules:

    - Truco cannot be called when 1 team has 14 points.
    - When both teams has 14 points the players have to play their cards without see them. This turn is called Dark Hand(maybe the translation is not that good, sorry).

    This entry has been edited 7 times. It was last edited on Feb 10th, 2015 at 18:52:31.

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    brenolleite's Truco (Other)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Tuesday 10 February, 2015

    brenolleite's opinion and rating for this game

    The game is really funny to play with your friends, and despite all the lucky elements that it has you have to be smart enough to play the right cards in the right time.

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstar

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