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    hero123's The Walking Dead: Season Two (PC)

    [February 24, 2015 05:44:20 PM]
    Well I finished the game. I must say it was a pretty crappy situation to end the game in. I felt like nothing was really resolved. The ending I got was pretty good though. I ended up killing Kenny and saving Jane and AJ. We headed back to Carvers place and met a family of 3 and joined up with them.

    I am pretty upset that jane would resort to something as insane as what she did and carry it out to its conclusion rather than making a political or mature choice which would be to discuss the craziness of kenny in a direct way.

    I felt like joining with the family at the end was an important choice for me because it shows that while I am a survivor like Jane, I am not as cold and calculating as her.
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    [February 23, 2015 10:24:17 AM]
    Wow, I just deleted my 2nd post somehow before submitting it. That to rewrite it...

    So I have had a great time with this second play session. I went through a bunch of episodes. The main selling factor for me is it is like I am watching a movie. I really like the story, even though sometimes it feels a bit forced or whatever. I am glad that this game stays true to the Walking Dead series that I know and enjoy in that it is one of the only zombie franchises that I can get behind. I think that the main reason for this is that the story uses zombies as a means to tell a compelling story about human nature. It is totally hitting the nail on the head with this game.

    So I do have some complaints. I felt that there were 2 characters who I cannot stand, but luckily the game killed them. First is carver. I don't mind that he is a jerk so much as the fact that he is an over the top kind of jerk. It is annoying when a story has an over the top villain that is unbelievable and unquestionably bad. I felt like whenever I had situations that included carver, it forced my decisions and my opinion about him rather than making his side of the story more compelling and letting me decide on my own. I actually tired to get on his good side and suck up to him and just got slapped for it.

    The other annoying character who died was Sarah. She annoyed me because I just felt like she could have been a much better character but it just never happened. I spent the entire game taking care of her and doing everything I could to save her life. If she would have confided in clementine and shown why she was so weak or tried to connect more somehow, It would have meant much more when I couldn't protect her and could have been a big emotional event. Instead, it was a relief that I don't have to drag around dead weight anymore.

    In my next play session, I will have to pay the piper for stealing meds from Alvaro. This should be fun!
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    [February 16, 2015 01:28:43 PM]
    This was my first experience with a telltale game. I guess i should have tried season 1 as well but i didnt. Anyways, I played the first two episodes and so far I am loving this game. It is a nice game for times when I just want to hear a story rather than the stress i feel when I play a game like Dota or CoD.

    I really like the story choices so far. I think that it is neat that you can see what other people choose too. The first big choice I made was to save Nicks life over his uncles life. The main reason I did so was because it look like the uncle got bit so i didn't want to just see him die. It is a bit crazy though because now I wonder if the uncle was still alive, would walter still be alive? or max? It makes me want to play through again and pick different choices.

    looks like in the third episode that I get brought to a compound run by...i forgot his name. but ya, this should be an interesting change of pace.
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    hero123's The Walking Dead: Season Two (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Monday 16 February, 2015

    hero123's opinion and rating for this game

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