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    karthik_narayan's The Walking Dead: Season Two (PC)

    [February 25, 2015 11:28:51 AM]
    The more I play this game, the more I realize that the guys I liked from a character perspective end up dying violently, which is not helpful at all. Sometimes it makes me agree with Carver when he said that only people of strong will and character can survive in a post-apocalyptic world like this. Which went against my moral principles, of course. But, tough choices were an essential part of the game play and the narrative of this game, and I was determined not to let it get to me.
    So the group arrived in a small ‘city’, where the leader, Carver, gives a big speech on how we can redeem ourselves by hard work. I have seen many times that the guy who is so calm during a moment of terror for other people ends up doing unspeakable things. Turns out I was right, when during the garden chore for Clem and Sarah, Carver just comes up to Reggie, talks to him for a few minutes and then pushes him off the roof. When Clem was called up to Carver’s office, Alvin was found passed out after what apparently looked like brutal beatings from Carver. Well, that’s it, I can’t wait to put a bullet through his skull(or have someone else do it obviously, I am not a killer )
    Anyways, after Clem manages to find the radio, Carver apparently figures out the escape attempt and finds the other radio. Kenny starts getting beat up after he confesses to having the other radio, which is when another one of the “tough decision” QTE pops up. Now, I felt restraining Sarah was going to be pointless, so I had Clem run towards Kenny. Turns out not so smart, as she ends up getting punched in the face, hard. Next guy on my kill list in the game(Funny, in the previous season, I didn’t have a kill list since I didn’t really want anyone killed so bad).
    Well, looks like Carver gets killed in a revenge beating by Kenny(good riddance?, we will see). Though seems that one of the good guys had to go too. Carlos got accidentally shot, and the dead just smelt blood, I guess and pounced on him. Sarita got bit, and I had to choose between hacking up the dead dude or her hand, since I knew/ heard it worked before and well I needed more people to survive till the next episode. And so it ended, in a “Kill Bill” sort of way, with blood spurting off her hand.
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    [February 24, 2015 07:21:49 PM]
    Episode 2, Season 5 – Not much of an impact on the story when it came to tough decisions in this episode, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a little difficult to make these choices. I think the easiest of them was to decide whom to sit with during dinner, and I decided Luke, since, he was a recent companion, and Kenny seemed a bit different during a previous conversation(turns out I was right, when he called Clem by his son’s name, Duck, by accident). The toughest decision was to decide whether I should leave Alvin and Rebecca to look for Kenny, and while I decided to stay and save Carlos, Walter still got shot. Seems if I had left, both Walter and Alvin would have been killed, and I didn’t want the same thing that happened to Christa affect Rebecca as well.
    Not bad for my set of choices, but I was a little surprised when I discovered that only 26% of the players agreed with me when I decided not tell Walter about Matthew(considering he was holding a blade in his hand, and remembering what Christa did to the girl who shot Omid). Better class of people? Maybe.
    Moving on to the next episode…
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    [February 24, 2015 05:14:18 PM]
    well, i generally have a lot of fun playing games where personal choices reflect a certain change in the story
    (and, i mean the story, not just dialogue), but I had a different(maybe not pleasant) experience while playing the Walking Dead, simply because I liked the main plot as it had nothing to do with zombies(or the walking dead), but making actual survival choices to, at the very least, make it through the day.
    Walking Dead: Season Two starts off with looking for a save file from the previous season to import choices to, apparently change the story of this season. While I would have liked to make my personal choices, instead of randomizing them in the absence of a save file, I had the feeling that actually playing the game might give me a more immersive experience.
    Season Two starts off with Clementine, the sweet, but tough girl from Season One, trekking through the woods with Omid and Christa(this company might be because I had Lee suggest to them to take care of Clem in case something happens; not sure whether choosing Kenny might have made a difference). The first interactive area is a road-side bathroom, where she needs to check each of the stalls for possible danger.
    She then freshens up, but is interrupted by another survivor(a teen girl, I think) who starts scavenging her backpack for useful items, but then finds her gun, and starts threatening Clem. At this moment, Omid walks in, startling the girl and getting himself shot. So, right off the bat, we have an untimely death, which reminds the player, that even when all is going well in our lives, bad stuff just happens.
    The first episode had a lot of tough decisions that the player needs to make, like saving Christa by serving as a distraction, putting the dog out of its misery, and the big one, saving Nick vs Pete. While I definitely did want to save Pete, I realized that the group didn’t want to deal with another “bitten” since they had to go through the same experience with Nick’s mom. So I let him die, saving Nick in the process.
    Overall, I feel decent with my choices so far, but you never know in these games, there could be some tough choices to make in the later episodes…
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    karthik_narayan's The Walking Dead: Season Two (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Thursday 19 February, 2015

    karthik_narayan's opinion and rating for this game

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