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    jp's Skylanders Swap Force (3DS)

    [July 10, 2015 05:04:14 PM]
    I've kept on playing over the last couple of days but I finally decided to give it up. I'm 4/5 of the way through the campaign unless something not currently visible in the UI appears with more missions or something. So, what happened?

    1. I ran into a weird bug in one of the swap force special unlockable areas. You're supposed to use a Skylander with the "spring" ability. After dying a few times the character suddenly lost the ability to jump. As in, when I press the jump button nothing happens. This continued after switching out to another character and also quitting out of the mission entirely. Going back in did fix it, but it was quite annoying since I had to do an entire level three times (the bug appeared twice).

    2. The second issue is slightly different, but equally annoying to me. One of the problems that 3D platforming games have is that it can be hard to tell where you'll land once you jump. There's all these things with perspective and camera placement, etc. There's a lot of areas - especially towards the end of the game, where I would die 3 or 4 times (as in, have to get a new Skylander swapped in) because I wasn't able to
    make a jump (it's only just occurred to me that turning the 3D back on might have helped? Oh well.) I decided to give up after getting to a section in the "Dia de los Muertos" inspired 3rd area where you have to jump between swinging chandeliers. The put a few that were angled from each other (rather than in a straight line) and I just couldn't figure out the timing and direction I was supposed to go in.

    Maybe I'm just getting old?
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    [July 4, 2015 04:59:24 PM]
    Wow, this really IS a skylanders game on a handheld. It's interesting to see how they've migrated and adjusted the experience. Here's the highlights so far:

    1. You only need the portal once: once you load a character he/she/it's there forever

    2. You can load them out, my guess, to update the characters and carry over whatever progress you've made with them in the game.

    3. All the characters are loadable. Even the items!

    4. You have to pay coins to use items in the game. This makes them a lot less attractive to use, since coins are extra experience your skylander gets when you finish a level

    5. You don't need to buy upgrades, they happen automatically. Some are new abilities but most are more health or more damage.

    6. There are SO MANY hats. It's really annoying to navigate the hat place...
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    jp's Skylanders Swap Force (3DS)

    Current Status: Stopped playing - Technical problems

    GameLog started on: Thursday 2 July, 2015

    GameLog closed on: Friday 10 July, 2015

    jp's opinion and rating for this game

    Really is a full Skylanders experience. Might take a while to load in all your Skylanders, but after that you're good to go!

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstarstar

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