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    jp's Bangai-O: Spirits (DS)

    [August 12, 2015 05:38:19 PM]
    Oh man, I really tried.

    Bangai-O is a treasure game that's a sequel of sorts (same series, no idea if there's continuity between them or not) to an old Dreamcast game. Both the Dreamcast game and the developer, Treasure, are highly regarded so I picked this up to try it out.

    I couldn't make it past all the tutorials.

    Bangai-O is what I would describe as a bullet hell shooter of sorts. There is no scrolling background and you can zip around in your ship firing and shooting. At any given moment you can fire two different types of weapons and there is also a special firing mode where you "load up" and then let loose with up to 100 missiles at the same time. You can also dash into objects to damage them.

    ...and that's pretty much where the game lost me. I think it was tutorial 9 that I was unable to clear. I'm sure it's something really stupid I should be doing but either didn't get from the instructions or haven't figured out. But, I also realized that this game is way to hectic AND tactical for me. I get the sense that you really have to know what to fire and when to fire it, while under heavy fire yourself. I'm not sure my reflexes are up to it, as well as my patience in figuring everything out.

    I also wasn't enthused by the idea that there's no campaign mode - the game is basically structured around a bunch of puzzle levels. Another reason for me not to be excited. Then again, a puzzle-based bullet-hell game? That's not something you see/hear every day.
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    jp's Bangai-O: Spirits (DS)

    Current Status: Stopped playing - Got frustrated

    GameLog started on: Wednesday 12 August, 2015

    GameLog closed on: Thursday 13 August, 2015

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