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    dkirschner's Dead Space 3 (PC)

    [October 2, 2015 11:17:38 PM]
    I enjoyed this overall. Like I said earlier, itís big dumb fun, sort of like Jurassic World. But I tell you what, they tried hard to wreck it in the second half. There is a love triangle. It is cringe-worthy. Ellie, whom I think is Isaacís love interest from the other games, is now with some other hardened military guy. Letís call him Jerkface, because thatís his entire contribution to the game, being a jerkface. If Ellie looks at you, he expresses jealousy. He walks past you and bumps into your shoulder a few times. He yells at Ellie for talking to you. He clearly wants you dead. But Ellie, poor, helpless female stereotype that she is, canít help batting her eye-shadowed eyes at you and hugging you after every close encounter. Jerkface really does not like this and eventually does try and kill you, but, and this really isnít a spoiler because jerks always die in games, you kill him first. You would expect Ellie to accept this, but apparently she loved him a lot more than it looked like, and she spends 10 minutes being very angry at you. ďHow could you, Isaac?!Ē Even though he tried to murder you and sabotage the entire mission. It doesnít matter. Sheís mad, dammit! Then after sheís been sufficiently and stereotypically emotional about it, she warms back up to you and youíre her hero and savior again.

    The second way the game tried to implode is by forcing you to complete insidious rock-climbing and rappelling sequences. There was one early in the game that was fine, but there are like 7 of these in the last handful of chapters. I cannot convey how frustrating these were. On one in particular, I died more times than any other part in the game. The most challenging of challenges in Dead Space 3 should not lie in a rock-climbing segment where you dodge some falling shit. But my god, I could not get past it for the life of me. Even after searching forums and watching 3 letís plays, I still had trouble! The problem was one little part. You are climbing up this cliff side. A giant rock falls. Stasis it and jump to the left. No problem. Another giant rock starts to fall. At the same elevation is an elevator lift swinging from left to right. Stasis both of them and wait for the rock to fall. Avoid the rock. Not much problem. But the elevator. Grr. You have to stasis it when it hits the left wall. Then you have to walk over to a vertical gap and jump across to the right side, while the elevator is still in stasis, and continue your ascent. First, and this was stupid about the rocks too, if you so much as touch, even come within a foot, of the elevator, you die. Why canít Isaac touch the elevator? Since when does touching a rock or an elevatoróin stasis!ómean instant death? Second, Isaac refuses to make the seemingly obvious jump across the gap. Like 50 times I did this. I literally almost quit the game. You walk as far right as you can. You jump. He doesnít make it and does this crazy grunt/flail/swing back to the left thing, inevitably gets too close to the elevator, which is still in stasis, and dies. I tried jumping from all verticalities. I tried running starts. I put the elevator in stasis every way I could think of. Dead. Deader. Deadest. After numerous forums and letís plays, and more trying, he finallyÖjust did it. I swear I didnít do anything different. Haha, Iím mad just writing about it! What a waste of time!

    Aaaaaanyway. Long story short, the game thankfully ends. The end was fine. The third wheel character does a stupid thing and gives the bad guy (who was a weak bad guy and impossibly survived and flew his space ship inside and alien and everywhere else you go) the codex to save Ellie, which Isaac wasnít going to do (lol), though he constantly had stupid monologues about Ellie, even as the world is exploding and heís fighting the final boss. Yo Isaac, forget about your love interest for five seconds. No one cares! But Iím glad that happened instead of giving Isaac the choice to either destroy the necromorphs or to let them free. The story and dialogue was leading up to that choice, but then they didnít give it to you. It would have been exceedingly dumb if they had. Oh, and surprise, because itís EA, this franchise can go on and on and on and on and on forever because apparently even a giant moon explosion and floating in space forever canít kill engineer Isaac. Meanwhile, Ellie is crying, in a tank top with cleavage. What a terrible stereotype.

    Does it sound like I hated this game? I didnít. But I donít recommend it.

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    [October 2, 2015 11:14:50 PM]
    This is not the Dead Space I remember. Where did all this action come from, and where has the horror gone? Ok, at first I was turned off, but Iíve warmed up. Despite the lame voice acting and same basic setup as the first two games, I am totally immersed in the environment. Although it isnít horror anymore, itís solid action. You canít go a minute without some set piece happening, either necromorphs flooding out of vents or you having to go spacewalk to retrieve satellite parts or one of those unkillable necromorphs chasing you or some massive destruction of whatever part of the ship youíre in. Itís big. Itís dumb. Itís fun.

    One new thing is the ability to craft your own weapons. This is actually neat and useful (I usually ignore crafting in games if possible) in part because you can dismantle weapons without penalty. This means (*gasp*) you can experiment! You find parts lying around, pick them up, go to a work bench, and see what the parts do. Each gun is made up of like 3 core components, then you have attachments and other mods, plus secondary fire modes. I havenít made anything terribly cool yet. I am using a shotgun with a big spread and a sort of rapid-fire pistol, again with a medium spread. I like big spreads because you can fire more blindly at enemies, haha.

    The space walking parts are some of my favorite. In previous Dead Space games, you were on one derelict ship, or on one planet/space station or whatever. In this one, there are several ships, other vessels, and a planet. The ships are all floating dead in space, and you have to rig a little space pod early on to be able to fly between ships. I think I am about to launch to the planet, which is where a big marker is (the first marker?). I expect I am roughly halfway through the game, maybe a little less.
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    dkirschner's Dead Space 3 (PC)

    Current Status: Finished playing

    GameLog started on: Thursday 2 July, 2015

    GameLog closed on: Saturday 11 July, 2015

    dkirschner's opinion and rating for this game

    Big dumb sometimes fun.

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstar

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