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    mfolsom's Halo 2 (XBX)

    [January 12, 2007 03:01:48 PM]
    After playing Halo 2 online for another 45 minutes I had some interesting thoughts. First of all I had varying degrees of success in my later sniper matches. When I win I seem to do better, even during one match. The psychological effect of being killed over and over again has a major impact on my composure. I noticed this during one game where my team was winning (and I was doing well) through about two thirds of the match and all of the sudden I died a number of times in a row (as did my teammates). I caught myself becoming more frantic in my game-play with less confidence in my ability to beat the other team. Realizing this I quickly regained my calm and played as I had earlier in the game. My team promptly won. Now in previous matches where I died a lot in the beginning it is a lot harder to calm down and play well. This is the psychological impact that winning seems to have in an online match of Halo 2. Obviously better opponents will still be able to beat you even if you maintain a certain sense of composure, but it does help your game-play.
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    [January 12, 2007 02:07:35 PM]
    I play a lot of Halo 2 on xbox live, so for my first entry I decided to play a few games and write about it. One thing I find is that it takes me a little while to get up to speed, a lot of the people on live are really good and the first game I play I usually do pretty poorly at (unless the opponents are really bad). After a couple of games though I get back in the swing of things. For these first matches I played all sniper rounds. I have a new xbox live account so my rating is fairly low, (and Halo 2 pairs you with similarly rated opponents). The first game as expected I did pretty bad at, but it also seemed that some of the opponents were really good, spawn, dead spawn dead. My second and third games were much better. I came in second both times with 20 or so kills and only 7 deaths. For some reason Halo 2 doesn't factor in peoples deaths when ranking them at the end of the game, but this can contribute a lot to the other team. Now that I am up to speed and have a couple of good games under my belt I'm going to play some more and see how my experience changes.
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    mfolsom's Halo 2 (XBX)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Friday 12 January, 2007

    mfolsom's opinion and rating for this game

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