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    DanielMoine's Resistance: Fall of Man (PS3)

    [February 9, 2007 02:47:29 PM]
    I noticed many new things about the level “Into the Depths,” the second time I played it. One new enemy that emerges is a black scorpion alien thing that has a different way of attacking. When I first encountered this new enemy it looked exactly like the other scorpions except they have a new sonic the hedgehog type roll to evade your shots. This makes them a worthy adversary since they can now cover much more ground. Another great part about this level is that your player gets trapped in a circular kind of battle arena that you must blast your way out of. In this room there is tons of ammo so I basically decided to drain any grenades or other ammunition that I had. I would suggest waiting by the platforms that you can see are being raised so that you can surprise your enemy with a couple of shotgun blasts to the face upon arrival. This level is one of the more dimly lit levels in the game so it is necessary to use a flashlight when waking around. This definitely adds to the creepy factor in the game because enemies seem to pop out of nowhere in surprising numbers. This game definitely tests a persons reaction times which makes it a game that you cannot have a lapse of attention while playing. This level is great and I plan on playing it with a harder difficulty soon.
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    [February 9, 2007 02:33:20 PM]
    I recently started playing the level “Into the Depths,” which definitely is one of the best examples of level design that I have seen so far in this game. This level starts of fighting with a bunch of those zombies guys and plenty of angels. Supposedly angels are one of the harder characters in the game but the shotgun seems to deal with the sufficiently. Using the seeder is also an effective way to kill anyone who is trying to chase you, all that the player needs to do is leave a trail of bombs that and enemy will inevitably run over. One part that I rally don’t like about this level is that there are so many of those scorpion pod things which you cant even destroy. If you don’t want to get sneak attacked you can just walk up and anticipate their pounce out of the pod shell and have their face meet the end of your barrel. This level is huge and enemies come from every direction. One thing I like about the AI in this game is that they will bombard you with grenades if the know what your position is. It really gave me a sense of anxiety like they were actually trying to blast me out of my position. This level is a great example of how fast paced Resistance: Fall of Man can really be.
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    DanielMoine's Resistance: Fall of Man (PS3)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Friday 12 January, 2007

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