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    jpop83's This war of mine (PC)

    [January 25, 2016 08:29:31 PM]
    Game Log 3 This War of Mine

    Today I played further into the game. I tried to play the game by trading with other people instead of raiding. It turns out that it is very hard to barter with people. They usually want more than what I felt comfortable giving away. I wonder if that was done on purpose to make the player raid more because it is a lot easier. I have been sticking to only raiding locations where there are no inhabitants and that seems to be working very well for me.

    I have had a fourth person join my little group. I let her join and live in the complex and it has been good and bad. For instance I have an extra person to build combustibles and filters, but I also have another mouth to feed. So far so good with keeping everyone healthy and fed.

    If I can figure out how to create more things to trade I think that I would be more willing to trade. I just have to play longer to figure those things out.
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    [January 23, 2016 10:50:16 AM]
    Log 2 This War of Mine
    Today I played a new round, different from yesterday. I decided to try to play the game without raiding people’s houses and apartments. I wanted to try to raid just the abandoned locations. I also focused on building things in my home quicker so that I could have food and water on hand.

    Things worked out well until I went to a villa that seemed to be abandoned but it turned out that it was in fact not. There were people there and after the raid I got home and the character felt badly about taking the things. I was a little confused because I thought that it was an empty villa. It was almost like I did something bad without even knowing it.

    I also had a case today where a neighbor brought me food from their garden. I gladly accepted the gift and it helped out the food situation immensely. It made me wonder if I would be able to give gifts to people in the game the way that they gave me gifts. I am not sure how that would work since it seems like the only way to visit other locations is when I am on a raid at night.

    So far with the game today I have been able to keep my characters happy, fed, and healthy longer than the last game I played.
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    [January 22, 2016 11:22:56 AM]
    Log 1 This War of Mine

    Today I played through until day 6. I searched for supplies at many different locations. Some seemed abandoned and others had people in them. I also built some basic things for my living quarters. I built a workbench, stove and heater. I had a few visits from some people who wanted to trade and from some kids looking for medicine for their mom.

    The game is about survival from what I can tell at this point but it also explores some interesting dilemmas. There was one instance where I visited the quiet house. As soon as I opened the door I was confronted by an old man who asked what I was doing there. I knew that the object of the game was to find survival supplies so I ignored him and started looking for loot. The couple ran upstairs and hid in the farthest room. I continued my raid curious as to what would happen if I did. Eventually the old man said that he was going to call for help and I left.

    When I got back home my character seemed very upset about what he had just done. In a way it was nice to see his remorse. I had never seen anything like that in a game before. There seemed to be an emotional consequence for your actions. Not only that the other two characters became sad as well and needed to talk to each other.

    Given the circumstances of the world they are in, is it still ethical to loot for survival? Obviously it seemed wrong to steal from an elderly couple right from under their noses. I wonder if the game can still be played out if all you do is try to barter with your visitors.
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    jpop83's This war of mine (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Friday 22 January, 2016

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