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    jpop83's Prison Architect (PC)

    [March 2, 2016 10:23:24 PM]
    Prison Architect Game Log 3

    In today’s game I played through part of scenario 3 where I had to stop a prison riot. There was a hostage situation and I was able to move in riot guards and armed guards to beat up and shoot the rioting prisoners. There was a brief warning that the armed guards would shoot when close to the prisoners.

    As I entered the most dangerous blocks one of my armed guards shot one of the prisoners dead and it surprised me. I was not really expecting that it would happen so easily. I quickly moved him out and let my riot guards move in instead. This proved to be a bad idea because the prisoners killed every one of them. This made me angry so I then let my armed guards in and I no longer cared about the prisoners lives, they deserved to die because they were killing my men. I was able to secure the block and continue the game by killing the rioting prisoners.

    As the scene progressed you learn that the warden was burning papers to cheat on the prisoners sentences by extending them. This would bring the prison more money. After learning this the guards break through the doors and the prisoner shoots the warden before getting shot himself. At this point I turned off the game but it seems that for the next little while you are left to cleaning up the mess you made in the prison and bringing order back to it. It seems that the governor who keeps calling in is a pretty shady character at this point. It will be interesting to see what happens next.
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    [February 29, 2016 04:00:41 PM]
    Prison Architect Gamelog 2

    Today I played through the second scene. I had to start the whole scene over because it did not save my game right. In this scenario I had to rebuild a kitchen and canteen. I also had to provide a common room for recreation and support groups for drug and alcohol addiction. I went ahead and built a laundry and a visitation room as well.

    While I constructed the new buildings the campaign carried on. The mobs boss was severely burned in a fire and taken to the infirmary. There he met with his son and son-in-law. One of them, he suspects, started the fire. Later you learn that the son-in-law started it but he was targeting the son. They meet up in the shower later and the son gets killed. The son-in-law was wounded and ended up in the infirmary as well. At the end of the scene his wife visits them and says goodbye to her father and divorces her husband.

    Personally I am not into the scenario as much as I am into constructing the prison and managing its upkeep to keep prisoners happy. I was able to reduce all their needs by hiring employees and building the right rooms. For me it was a fun payoff to see their needs go down as I worked to get them what they needed.
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    [February 27, 2016 02:01:06 PM]
    Today I started playing the game Prison Architect. Just looking at the game I thought it was all about managing prisoners and building a prison. It does have those elements but the game also has a story that you are following as you play. The first chapter is about a prisoner who you have to send to the electric chair after you build it. Upon completing the building you learn more about who the prisoner is. He shot and killed his wife and her lover whom she was having an affair with.
    As I played through this scenario I learned that after he had murdered the two people that he felt very sorry and visited a church where he talked to a priest. He did not seem like a man who was a criminal but a good man who had made a terrible mistake and was sorry for it. I did not feel that sending him to the electric chair was necessary. However, I did not see a way around this if I wanted the game to progress.
    In the second chapter I was at a different prison where I learned a little more about the story. The man who the prisoner had shot was someone who was important to the mob. I learned this after putting out a huge fire and the mobs boss was talking to his henchmen in the infirmary. At this point I was required to build a new canteen and kitchen in order to provide food for all the prisoners. I was having so much fun with the building mechanic of the game that I also built a commons room, laundry and visitors room. I also hired a bunch of janitors because the prison was so dirty.
    As I was playing 2 bodies were found in the shower. I did not click on the picture yet because I was enjoying upgrading the prison.
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    jpop83's Prison Architect (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Saturday 27 February, 2016

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