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    tjazz's Prison Architect (PC)

    [March 3, 2016 11:22:37 AM]
    Today was the the most frustrating playthrough for me. I started the fourth campaign and it was about a very depressed inmate. I was asked by a visiting doctor to build a new block of cells to hold the incoming prisoners. That task proved to be a challenge for me just because the game would keep on giving me trouble assigning rooms as cells and forcing me to restart the level 4 times before i could finally figure out how to get that task done.
    After the initial frustration I got back into the story. The guy who was the focus of this campaign was depressed because the conditions in the prison were very bad and he was not even allowed to have his family visit him. The doctor manages to get the visitaion rights for him. But the security denies him those, even after being promised a visit and the wife is sent back home disappointed.
    After this I focus on building educational facilities for the inmates and enable prisoner labour to help out in the kitchen and the workshop. The programs get a lot of prisoners interested and the overall happiness of the prisoners increases. I also buidl additional facilities for visitation and provide ways for the inmates to call their families from the yards.
    At the end I am informed that there has been a sucide. I assume that it was definately the guy, Henry, who was the focus of this story, who had commited sucide. But to my suprise, it was not. Infact he was in a very happy state of mind and looked Healhty. His outlook towards the future was also a lot more positive. This campaign successfully conveyed how reforming and rehabilitating prisoners would help more than just punishing them. But again, the game did not give me any choices of my own.
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    [March 3, 2016 12:10:23 AM]
    Today was my second playthrough and I managed to finish Chapter 3 from the campaign.
    The scenario begins with a riot breaking out in the prison. We are told that the CEO is missing and being the deputy CEO, we are assigned the task to get the prison under control. In order to do this we are given control of armored riot police and some paramedics. I began slowly recapturing the cells one by one, injuring and knocking out prisoners left and right. Then I get a call from one of the prisioners, who demands that we provide him means to escape the prison or he would kill the CEO, who is in his custody. I continue recapturing the prison and as I am busy trying to close in on the CEO's position, it is revealed to me that the CEO was a dirty man and he was trying to get the prisoners to stay for longer terms so that he could make more money.
    The conspiracy was deep and even the Mayor was involved in the scandal. This obviously angered me and I was contemplating wether I should let the CEO be "punished" by the prisoners or save him and give him to the law.
    But the game disappointed me as I had no control over the fate of the CEO and he ends up dead in the end anyway. But it did present an interesting side to the way prisons are run. Sometimes it may not be entirely for rehabilitating criminals.
    But I assume this is still a tutorial level and the actual game is just a free build mode, which I still haven't tried yet.
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    [March 1, 2016 09:51:12 AM]
    Yesterday I player Prison Architect for a few hours. It was quite engaging and I played longer than I thought I would. The game starts you off with a campaign. It felt more like a tutorial with a story line. The campaign has 5 scenarios and I played through 2 of them. Each scenario let me manage a different prison and focused on the backstory of a different prisoner.
    The first campaign had me build an electric chair for the prison to complete the execution of an inmate on death row for double homicide. The story presented me with two ethical views about inmates on death row. The first was that of them deserving it for their crime and the other was that of him deserving forgiveness if they truly repent it and of the right to kill another human just because he killed someone else. It was basically a commentary death as a punishment.
    Curiously the game gave me no choice over the fate of the inmate and told me that I was doing my job, that of a prison architect. As the game was playing out and I was presented with the story, I was of the impression that in the end I would somehow control the fate of the Prisoner. But that was not the case, which was kind of disappointing.
    The second scenario told the story of a mafia family and their internal politics. It also had me try and keep the prisoners from rioting after the kitchen and canteen get burnt down leaving the inmates without food! The game presented me with two choices to do so… I could either build facilities to fulfil the demand of the prisoners for recreation or I could hire more cops and enforce discipline with force. This would have been an interesting decision to make had I been given a monetary benefit of choosing one over the other. But that was not the case and I could simply build the facilities the prisoners demanded and keep them under control without any monetary losses. I am guessing this was because the campaign serves more like a tutorial.
    I will have to play it more to see how it changes.

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    tjazz's Prison Architect (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Monday 29 February, 2016

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