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    Matmiha's Prison Architect (PC)

    [March 3, 2016 12:00:28 PM]
    So this time I decided to build my own prison. It was interesting to note that the game gives the player a significant amount of adjust-ability in terms of difficulty. The player can select options such as different wardens, unlimited funds, gangs, and random events etc., which all have an effect on how the game will be played. In order to get the best idea of my own play-style I decided to go fully sandbox mode. So I gave myself unlimited funds.
    In my first log I mentioned how I always cheer for the prisoners in prison escape movies, well having the power to control a prison with unlimited funds definitely changed the way a favor escaping prisoners.
    My first 45 minutes of playing were spent blueprinting the prison layout. I spent most of the planning time making sure the prison exits and entries are well secure. I havenít played the game long enough to even know if prisoners will escape through the main prison exit, but regardless I made sure to make it as secure as possible. The next thing that I did was build the water and electricity infrastructure to perfection. I think this is coming from my old days of playing Sim City. I wanted to make sure that my prison is ďfuture proofĒ by having a solid water and power infrastructure. I made a grid of pipes and wires which was so dense that regardless of where I placed a building it would automatically have water and power connections nearby.
    The next step was prison cells and sanitation. While the traditional cells has its own toiled, I went a step further and installed showers and drains in each cell. I was under the impression that if I have showers in each cell it would reduce the likelihood of soap dropping incidents happening in the shared showers, haha.
    By this point I have been building my ultimate prison for 2 hours. I was so invested in the building process that I completely disregarded that I have a queue of prisoners waiting to move in. But regardless of that it was interesting to notice that my main goal was to make a prison that has great sanitation and infrastructure. My prisonerís quality of life was priority number one.
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    [March 2, 2016 12:58:26 AM]
    When I first started playing the game I was under the impression that there is only one mode to play. I guess because when you first start the game it goes directly to campaign mode. Today I discovered that there is both a campaign mode and a build mode. I will postpone trying the build mode for later, now I will continue playing the campaign.
    Chapter 2: the Don Palermo family.
    This chapter started out with a fire that broke out in a second prison and my main objective was to put it out. After everything got under control I found out that the fire was set up by members of the Palermo mobster family. The Don dies from the injuries and leaves the family business to his two sons (one is a son in law) who are also locked up. The Palermo family is responsible for smuggling narcotics into the prison and my job is to find the remaining drugs.
    Unlike the first chapter the second one is not as involved with the story. Most of my time I spent improving the prison and not really caring about the narrative, which was not the case in the first chapter. After a while I completely forgot about the Palermoís and just focused on building. I noticed that I care about the prisoners a bit too much; I actually placed TVís in every single cell. After playing it for an hour I actually ignored the staff completely. For some reason Iím relating to the prisoners and not to the prison workersÖ
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    [February 29, 2016 10:53:17 PM]
    So I know nothing about this game (prison architect) and I purposely avoided reading anything about it. My first assumption (judging by its name) is that itís a sim game about building and managing a prison, I might be wrong. If this is true then Iíll have an interesting time playing it as for some odd reason I always find prison escape stories fascinating and I always cheer for the criminals to escape. Will this have an impact on how I play the game? Will I go against my support for escaping criminals and build the perfect prison or will I build a prison with poor security systems which will enable to prisoners to escape? Iím not sure yet but letís find out!

    First play session (about 40 mins):
    I just completed the first chapter and Iím quite surprised. Before playing the game I thought it was just a sim, with weak or no narrative. I thought it was a resource game where I just manage a prison. However after playing the game for 15 min I realized this is not the case.

    The first mission is to build an execution room where prisoners on death row will be executed. And this is where the story of Edward comes in. The game allows you to click on prisoners and find out more about them, the reason why they are locked up. However I ignored this because I didnít want to ďbondĒ with any specific prisoner, or favor one prisoner over another. Itís just a resource sim game right? Well in the case of Edward the game goes quite into detail about his crime. Cut scenes show Edward finding his wife in bed with another man which ends in a double murder. After the cut scene the player is exposed to the Chiefís feelings about how finding your wife cheating on you does not justify murder and Edward is getting what he deserves. As the moment of Edwards execution nears closer another cut scene interrupts the game play, this time it shows Edward approaching a priest in a church after the murder, showing regret and asking for forgiveness. I loved this part and I already love this game. On one side the game is making you build and execution room, and on the other side its showing you this very traumatic event. It does not want to separate
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    Matmiha's Prison Architect (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Monday 29 February, 2016

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