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    jp's Tetris Party Deluxe (DS)

    [January 17, 2017 07:03:12 PM]
    I got what I expected!

    This game is essentially a collection of Tetris variants - some of which are quite clever and interesting, while others not so much. I found it curiously difficult to play, but I think that was mostly due to my confusing some of the interface elements - you press up to "fast drop" a piece a I would often mix it up with the rotate a piece button which was a bit frustrating. I'm sure that a few more hours with the game would probably sort that out.

    Perhaps the most interesting variant of the lot is one where rather than complete lines you have to help build a "staircase" for a little figure at the bottom to climb up in order to reach the top. I liked it because it really does subvert a lot of the typical Tetris gameplay (making rows is good, stay away from the top) while also leveraging one of the affordances the tetris pieces have...they sometimes can make ladder shapes. Additionally, the figure at the bottom is always moving back and forth (climbing when it can) which means that it's also important to consider WHEN you drop a piece. You don't want to squish the figure - you may want to drop the piece to make sure the figure doesn't walk back down, and so on. Really clever, really fun and a nice simple idea.
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    jp's Tetris Party Deluxe (DS)

    Current Status: Stopped playing - Something better came along

    GameLog started on: Tuesday 17 January, 2017

    GameLog closed on: Tuesday 17 January, 2017

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