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    lindseyloveland's The Wolf Among Us (360)

    [January 20, 2017 02:37:21 AM]
    I continued my efforts to be the most amicable and friendly in all my replies with Bigby as a test to see if these replies prevent violence occurring in the game. When presented with the option to visit Faith's husband Prince Lawrence or help Toad out, I opted to choose Toad since I figured it was more friendly and personable. Of course, when there and dealing with Toad and his multiple obvious lies, I continued to reply as understanding as I possibly could, only to find that it took a RIDICULOUSLY long time for Toad to finally admit what had happened. I have of course, not experienced what the game is like when the violent replies are selected in this scene, but I can imagine it would be quicker and more straight-to-the-point.

    I think it's impossible to go through the game remaining perfectly "moral" in all of the decisions because of how normalized violence is in the fable society. As I mentioned in a previous log, the graphics of this game give it a very fascinating correlation to the subject matter in that it has a somewhat story-book illustration feel.
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    [January 19, 2017 10:48:17 PM]
    Continuing with The Wolf Among Us, I decided that today I would do my best to choose the most unassuming, 'high road' type replies. Any reply that I felt followed Wheaton's law best I selected -- primarily in regards to the conversation with Snow during the investigation (RE: the working girl's head) as well as in conversation with Ichabod Crane.

    I found that many replies (primarily with Crane) did not give the option for what I would consider a morally high ground. I guessed this was primarily due to Bigby's character and how he was written (I mean, he is the Big Bad Wolf after all), paired with the way the Crane was written.

    Gameplay wise I really love the depiction of fairytale mixed with mundane, the use of Glamour, the cohabitation of human/fable type lifestyle, etc. The animation and color scheme of the game I feel compliments the story and thematic elements well. I feel interested in the characters due to the depth they've managed to give already -- mingled with my curiosity on how exactly they'll portray the different fables throughout.
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    [January 18, 2017 06:49:34 PM]
    The beginning of 'The Wolf Among Us' presented me with multiple choices regarding the Woodsman, the working girl, and the toad -- all of which garnered different replies by the main character, Bigby. I found that there were generally 3 ranges of replies; an evasive reply, an aggressive reply, and a generally non-confrontational and/or appeasing reply. Of course, each of these different replies were met with different reactions from the characters involved depending on the situation.

    There was a lot of violence so far in the game; a lot of the choices that had to be made were in response to a conflict. I found that I tended towards the more evasive replies, only choosing the more aggressive one (to push the woodsmen out of the window) once, as to see what would occur. The ethical and moral values of the game are a bit shifted than that of the real world -- since most characters are fables, I have found that they are harder to kill and thus violence is almost encouraged in this game by means to control (see: the ax in the head of the woodsmen.) This idea draws stark contrast between the moral guidelines of the fables and that of the 'mundys' -- matters of life and death are far more fragile with the mundane characters, which again highlights the contrast and variability of what's an "ethical" action in the game.
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    lindseyloveland's The Wolf Among Us (360)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Tuesday 17 January, 2017

    lindseyloveland's opinion and rating for this game

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