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    choli's The Last Guardian (PS4)

    [January 22, 2017 02:39:24 AM]
    3rd Log

    Today I played for about an hour and the spear enemies re-entered the game. The spear enemies are a source of constant stress and worry when it comes to Trico. (If he can reach them he'll eat them and if not they'll attack him until he's so upset that he takes being pet all over to calm down.) In a strange moment, I had to leave Trico behind to help him go forward. (He was very upset and whined loudly.) When trying to unlock the door that he couldn't get past, I woke up a bunch of spear guardians. The spear guardians ran out to where Trico was waiting and started to throw spears at him when he was defenseless on a ledge. When I was jumping to get to the next part, the scaffolding I was on started collapsing and I was going to fall. From this new vantage point Trico could see this and jumped to save me even though he knew that there was nowhere he could safety land (hence the defenseless perch and all the spears). He dug his claws into the a space in wall and held on. Then I could either pull out the spears in his back and risk us falling down or climb up his back past the spears and jump in hopes of open the gate he was hanging off of. I chose to risk falling and took the spears out first.

    After we were both safe he asked for a pat and I gratefully gave it to him. I was extremely surprised when he jumped to save me at his expense. It's very weird to see him being uncooperative just because he's looking for a snack then looking worried while I'm about to fall. Then he proceeded to be fussy again because he was hungry. Understandable.

    There are trico statues showing up and I have to wonder if tricos were once sacred.
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    [January 21, 2017 08:03:09 PM]
    2nd Log

    Today I played for about an hour and was only able to focus on one puzzle. One thing that I don't like about the game is that although the puzzles aren't difficult, if you get frustrated you can't run off to a different part of the game and take your mind off of it. In TLG, you HAVE to complete the puzzle before you to complete the next one, there is no way around it. TLG is extremely linear.

    The puzzle, that I had so much trouble with, was set up so that Trico is not part of it. There is a giant eye in the beginning (which Trico is afraid of) so the unnamed boy (UB) has to climb on and jump between cages, weights, chains, and glass. After you destroy the eye Trico starts to follow below then you have to jump on to Trico. (Sometimes he will catch you by swinging his tail for you to catch or catching you in his mouth, on the first three occasions he did neither.) Then you have to urge Trico to jump from increasingly smaller platforms until he breaks one and has to go faster. Then it just stops and there is no indication of where to go next. There is where I stopped.

    I still pet Trico just for fun, get sad when he's upset or hurt, and give him barrels because he likes them (haven't found a reason for giving him barrels yet) but I've started to view him more as a tool. I get more easily frustrated when I have to replay through a few minutes of gameplay because he didn't get with the program and catch me. I've started to feel more for the character I'm playing, UB. This is because he has to do the most ridiculous things to get out of this random monastery that he was kidnapped, put in, and given a full body tattoo while unconscious. If TLG reveals who put UB in there, there's no way he is a good guy.

    It's become much more obvious through the designs and props that tricos were probably caged and tortured here, still not sure why.

    There doesn't seem to be any repercussions to my actions in the game. Trico doesn't seem to be more endeared to me because of the treats or pets.

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    [January 19, 2017 01:15:45 AM]
    I have played The Last Guardian for about 3 hours, and I've also watched a few of my friends play it.

    In TLG (The Last Guardian) you play as an unnamed boy who finds a wild trico (creatively named Trico) chained up beside him, working together you try to escape the strange ruins you woke up in.

    Aside from the frustrating jump controls and the incessant tutorial, I am enjoying the game. I am finding myself very emotionally attached to Trico because Trico acts just like my cats, however my friends don't really feel that way. They don't put their character in danger to make sure that Trico is healed as quickly as possible because Trico's shrieks are sad nor do they find amusement when Trico couldn't careless about helping you do what you want to do. To them, Trico is a tool to get them to beat the game. The game is built off of moral dilemmas - do I smash this piece of art because it makes Trico uncomfortable? Do I place Trico in harm's way so that I don't die? Should I be using this amulet that is super powerful/helpful that also puts Trico in a trance that makes him do what I want?

    Who knows, but probably not.

    There's a larger story going on with things being made out of trico horns and corralling/putting them to work. But I don't know enough of the story to comment on that.

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    choli's The Last Guardian (PS4)

    Current Status: Finished playing

    GameLog started on: Thursday 19 January, 2017

    GameLog closed on: Tuesday 7 February, 2017

    choli's opinion and rating for this game

    I enjoyed playing it even though the controls were frustrating. By the end of the game, Trico felt as dear to me - like a pet. Beware: The game does not give a full explanation of anything. You'll be left with more questions than answers.

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstar

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