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    JordanLindorff's The Wolf Among Us (iPd)

    [January 21, 2017 04:12:14 PM]
    Today in “The Wolf Among Us” I had to see the consequences of my actions yesterday and the day before. I had to see Toad get sent to the farm, even though on my “good guy” day I told him I would stop that from happening. I also had to lie to him when he asked about my friend the pig, and why he didn’t have to go to the farm. It was interesting how I felt embarrassed about the nepotism in the game. I think it just goes to show that if a game is done correctly they can pull many different kinds of embarrassment and they also cause us to connect with the characters we play. I think that in this instance I felt embarrassed because I have dealt in a similar fashion with nepotism in the real world. I also then finished the episode and the game by talking to Narrissa. She basically confesses that she sold out her friends, but after the conversation is over Bigby the Character starts putting together that maybe she isn’t who she says she is. This little tweak at the ending was able to pull more emotion from me in the form of curiosity, I wanted to know who she really is, and also to know if I was right. Overall I felt that the experience was very visceral and fun. I would love to see more episodes for this game.
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    [January 20, 2017 10:44:07 PM]
    Today I continued Episode 5 of “The Wolf Among Us” and I had to fight bloody Mary. There wasn’t much choice before the fight and the fight ended her life. After the battle I was able to continue on with my plan of not following any moral frameworks and just playing super selfishly. I selected every choice that was self-serving. I also chose any negative actions such as killing the Crooked Man. It was interesting to note that even though I murdered him rather than bringing him in for trial most of the people were ok with it or agree that it was ok this once. With the exception of a few most seemed fine with my actions even though they were brazenly immoral. I thought it was interesting that they reacted this way and I am curious about how they would have reacted if I hadn’t killed him. Overall I enjoyed this session, and although it was going against my natural tendencies it was interesting how thrilling it was to be renegade.
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    [January 19, 2017 08:49:51 PM]
    Today when I played “The Wolf Among Us” I tried to approach it following some of the moral frameworks we talked about in class mostly Wheaton’s Law, and the Golden Rule. I started by playing with the end of episode 4 and started episode 5. At the end of 4 I had to talk to Toad and I was supposed to send him to the farm, or at least that is what white wanted. I choose instead to follow the golden rule and I gave him another chance and didn’t send him away. I then at the beginning of Episode 5 was confronted by the crooked man and his goons. I had no choice but to fight and then I had the opportunity to kill or at least severally hurt the Jersey Devil. I choose instead to not harm him. After that I had to chase down Georgie and I listened to his story as well as the girl that was with him. I choose not to interrupt their conversation, as well as not to kill the girl. After that she killed herself, and then Georgie told me what I wanted to know and I ended his suffering. That was where I stopped at the end of my play session. Essentially I tried to be the good guy whenever I could. I tried to follow the moral frameworks, and for the most part it worked out pretty good. I think tomorrow I am going to play in the opposite fashion being a dick to everyone, and doing everything in a selfish way. Overall I enjoyed the experience, I think because the way I was acting is in line with my own morals.
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    JordanLindorff's The Wolf Among Us (iPd)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Thursday 19 January, 2017

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