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    lindseyloveland's Life is Strange (360)

    [February 24, 2017 12:06:25 AM]
    The detail to the storyline remains my favorite part about this game. I really enjoy all the hidden opportunities for advancement that may or may not impact the overall story; the mystery about it is probably the most intriguing part to me. I find that if the decisions to be made in a game are too obvious, it can lead to predictable outcomes that I generally get bored by pretty quickly.

    It's getting harder and harder to see the potential consequences of the actions I choose -- making it harder to choose all "good" or all "bad" decisions. Playing this game usually requires me to rewind quite a bit in order to achieve the desired outcome. Even then, I find that many of the circumstances Max gets into have predefined outcomes that only change marginally based on my decisions. The whole situation with Chloe's stepdad is a good example -- I don't imagine that particular scene altering much (sequence of events wise) besides a different relationship between Max and Chloe.

    The photo-ops throughout the game and their eventual roll in the storyline are still an enigma to me; I know that Max has to submit a photo to that photo contest or whatnot but I'm not getting the overall importance to the main story. Probably going to be one of those things that adds up or proves itself in the end. We'll see.
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    [February 22, 2017 11:58:27 PM]
    Today's playing offered some interesting, more complex ethical issues. I found that a lot of the situations I was put in were more "morally grey", and the decisions that had to be made weren't as straightforward as they used to be. A couple examples of this was the situation with Dana and Victoria, Max and Warren's interactions, Max and Chloe's interactions, and etc., it was generally harder to discern a "good" decision from a "bad" one.

    I love the amount of detail put into the gameplay -- the sheer amount of items you can interact with and explore (and how they all seem to contribute in some way to the overall storyline) definitely keeps me invested. I'm excited to play more.

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    [February 21, 2017 08:44:17 PM]
    Played an hour or so of Episode 1 of Life is Strange, a game revolving around a high-school photography student and her ability to reverse time. I thoroughly enjoy the premise of the game -- I think the concept is interesting and so far the gameplay has played off of it really well. I also love the animation aesthetic that seemingly reflects off of the main character Max's vintage, retro style (which is frequently commented on in the game.)

    A lot of the decisions Max has been faced with so far were pretty evident moral dilemmas -- from ratting out the dude with the gun in the bathroom, to forgiving or fighting with Victoria, intervening with the girl and the security guard, and etc., most of them were fairly straightforward good-or-bad situations. I've also run into a lot of decisions that I didn't particularly want to make, but had to, which usually required me having to reverse time multiple times to get it right, lol. I haven't played long enough to see anything but the direct consequences of my actions but I'm curious to see how greatly they will impact the story later on.

    Looking forward to the rest of Episode 1.

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    lindseyloveland's Life is Strange (360)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Tuesday 21 February, 2017

    lindseyloveland's opinion and rating for this game

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