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    Chimes's The Last Guardian (PS4)

    [February 22, 2017 07:22:47 PM]
    The more I played, the more I realized the difference between my own and the boy’s wants and desires. While he just wants to get home, and will likely go about the fastest way to do so, I want to help Trico, scouring every corner for a barrel. I wasn’t sure what they symbolized, but it felt like the barrels were important, and my constant fear of keeping Trico alive empowered me to search. I realized I put myself in place of the boy, forgetting my ultimate goal most of the time, and not caring much for the child as much as the dog. In particular, I remember when I had gone through all this effort to scale this wall, only to see a barrel at the bottom. Not wanting to climb again, I simply jumped. I was too scared to throw a small barrel at Trico, but not to jump a height that would certainly kill someone. The boy was immediately in pain, clutching his knees and limping afterward. While I felt bad, the limping went away after a few moments, and I found myself doing it again soon after. It made me think how differently we’ll treat the wellbeing of our player characters, knowing their invincibility (even if they die, they just come back anyway.)
    When Trico and I approached the birdcage, and I accidentally called him down, I immediately paused the game and began googling whether or not I was supposed to do that. It seemed unavoidable so I continued, anxieties high. When Trico ate me, my friend who had been watching me play said audibly “Well [Trico eating me] was a dick move.” It made me think about animals and morality. From what we know, animals are “True Neutrals.” They do not adhere to a moral code, but rather do what they need to survive. I saw in Trico’s flashback humans stabbing it, and while I understand the need for humans to protect themselves against the beast, I wondered if that was the case. Trico had been overall kind toward me (except the recent devouring me whole incident) so it made me wonder if Trico was that dangerous to humans, or if it was simply trying to survive.
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    Chimes's The Last Guardian (PS4)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Wednesday 22 February, 2017

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