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    JordanLindorff's Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor (PC)

    [February 25, 2017 12:46:57 PM]
    Today I played some more of Shadow of Mordor. In this session I started by simply finding the nearest mission to me and doing it. It was a simple mission and I simply had to kill a captain. The entire game is based around the prejudices of man against orc and vice versa. The orcs while violent do appear to have reasoning and their own culture. While that culture is based on violence, that doesn't mean that it is inherently evil. There is too black and white of a view in this world. Everything seems to be either good or evil. While you could argue that that is the characters perspective, I think that it would be worth wild to have some characters that conflict with this perception. I think the game is very fun overall and I'm excited to continue playing it and see what the ending is. It is interesting to see all the complexities of the orc culture and to see their interactions. It seems that while their "government" should be unstable it is actually very stable due to a clear path to the top and only the strongest and smartest are their leaders. It would be interesting to find a real world comparison to this culture. The game causes me to reflect on our culture and how in a similar way we value strength and power. It would be interesting to make that comparison in a paper.
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    [February 23, 2017 08:30:49 PM]
    So for today's play through I started by going to a mission that was on the edge of the map. I had to go in to a cave and kill several of these zombie like orcs and their mother. Unfortunately I died, which made my enemies stronger. Every time that I died in the game the enemies grew stronger. An interesting thing to not is that they remember you and some of them even come back from the dead and they have new scars from our last battle. It is interesting how they remember you or they remember killing you, and they have dialogue to support it. Another interesting thing that I learned in todays play through is that you can avenge your friends' deaths by killing the captain that has killed them. This leads to an interesting social dynamic where even in a single player game you get to interact with your friends. It also leads to a great feeling of us versus the enemy computer. I found that this made the game more enjoyable. When I came back to life I went and did a story mission in the which I found an artifact that gave my character the information of who the elf is that is possessing me. After that I went around avenging my friends deaths and killed captains. After some time I ended up dying to a captain that wanted revenge. When I came back this time I followed the main story quest line and killed one of the war chiefs. This once again allowed ratbag to advance up the ranks and become the new war chief. I find all the interplay between the orcs fascinating as it is completely based on being the best and being the strongest. They have a very Darwinian attitude of survival of the fittest. Once again I was unable to stop at the 30 minute mark as it was just so much fun to play. It is very exciting when you see former foes come back, and even more so when they become your rivals or nemeses. I can't wait to play again tomorrow.
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    [February 22, 2017 10:29:27 PM]
    So today I picked up in the game where I had left off about a year ago. I first just roamed around the map to get used to the controls again. After about 10 minutes of that I started doing some missions. The first mission I did was fairly easy it was jump on a creatures back and then ride around shooting bad guys with my bow. The next one was to confront and enemy captain at a duel. It's interesting because when I went the captain I was supposed to face almost was beaten and so I finished him off and as I was doing that my rival showed up and so I had to kill two captains and while that was happening a third captain showed up. I made good use of my bow to kill them all. Then the last mission I did revealed intel on one of the war chiefs. These are some of the bigger bosses in the game. I then stopped for today and will pick it up tomorrow. It is interesting how the developers incorporated some ethical frameworks and prejudices into the game. The Orcs are very self centered and do whatever is best for them. At the end of the last mission my character uttered Orcs in a derogatory tone like they are stupid, after the orc character that I saved used his knowledge of orc culture to set up a way for me to kill one of the war chiefs. Overall it was a very fun experience.
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    JordanLindorff's Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Wednesday 22 February, 2017

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