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    ion35's Earthbound (SNES)

    [January 12, 2007 07:35:03 PM]
    After beating the first major boss, I left the dungeon, only to have a police officer scold me for going in there. He told me to go down to the police station, where fought the police force. After that the road to the next town, aptly named Twoson, opens up. I pretty much remember everything in this game so I don't spend too much time in Twoson. I pretty much just get information that a girl named Paula has been captured by cultists in Happy Happy Village.
    Twoson and the path leading there add a lot of game elements. On the pathways and caves, mushroom enemies now appear and can give you the condition of "mushroomization" which can screw up your targeting as well as movement. What's cool is that the healers at the hospital pay you to get rid of your mushroom. In Twoson if you go to the bike shop you get a bike for free to help you move faster. You'd think it'd be great, but it really isn't. Once you get another party member or even a teddy bear, you can't use it and you have to pay for it to be stored because it takes up space that could be used for items that actually have use.
    Twoson also is where you buy the for sale sign which allows you to sell items anywhere. Usually you get money because every level your dad puts more in your atm account, but with the for sale sign I found it was easy to get money by buying fresh eggs for $12 and then waiting for them to hatch and turn into chickens and then selling them for $120, though later on it's better just to use the atm. After finishing everything I needed to do in Twoson, I opened up Peaceful Rest Valley so I can go to Happy Happy Village.
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    [January 12, 2007 07:18:04 PM]
    I started playing an old file that had that wasn't too far in and had the main character on level 6. I guess I must've decided to go through the game again but got distracted and forgot about it. Therefore, I skipped the intro to the storyline, but the gist of it is that a meteorite crashes near Ness's (that's the main character), home and a being from the future tells him that he must use the sound stone to absorb power from eight special spots and save the world from the evil giygas along with three others that will be destined to help him.
    Earthbound is your standard RPG where you walk around on a two-dimensional plane with eight possible directions and fight enemies in a turn-based environment. One thing I liked about this game was that there are no random battles. The enemies are visible and sometimes avoidable. If you get behind the enemy you can pull off a preemptive attack. Different types of enemies have different ways of approaching you. For example, a lot of cave enemies will only move when you do, whereas other enemies will rush you or try to zig zag and catch you from behind so they attack first. Earthbound also uses a unique life meter which scrolls down at a set speed, so as long as you're fast enough, you can pull off a hit or recovery before it reaches 0 if an enemy's hit could kill you.
    When I started playing I noticed that I had pretty much gotten to the point where I could just beat the first major spot. The game arcade is where the enemies are at this point in the game, so I went there to defeat their boss, who directed me to the first spot of power which is north of town. Long story short I got the key to go to the first place and breezed through it, because it's an easy place. I also did some leveling by fighting mostly antoids, which can call more enemies so I can get more experience. I waited until I got my first magic attack before fighting the boss to make things easier, then I beat him and got the first special spot.
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    ion35's Earthbound (SNES)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Friday 12 January, 2007

    ion35's opinion and rating for this game

    Before high school, this game took up a lot of my time. It's one of my favorite RPGs.

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstarstar

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