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    FlairYourFuel's Thomas Was Alone (PC)

    [February 23, 2017 09:44:57 PM]
    The game started off fairly odd, the player is just a block who can move left and right and jump, fairly basic platformer. As the game goes on you start meeting other characters who can do other things besides just moving left and right. Each ďcharacterĒ is just a different block who can do other combinations of jumping and moving left and right.

    The character development is probably my favorite part. Each character, despite being fairly basic in design, has their own story. Which is very odd considering information that is figured out later on (yay for censoring spoilers/things I figured out you can just learn from the wiki). For example, Claire is a large blue square who canít jump very high but can float on water, while the other characters disintegrate instantly if they touch water. The thing thatís interesting about her is that she is introduced about to die as far as she knows, platforms slowly separating beneath her until she falls in water where she learns she floats instead of disintegrating. She then decides sheís going to be a superhero and help these other blocks float safely across the water. She also goes into detail about standard superhero tropes and how she needs them, like a weakness and an arch nemesis.

    Thereís also the love story between Chris (a small orange square who canít jump very high) and Laura (a flat rectangle who others can bounce on to go higher, and herself canít jump very high, less than Chris). Basically, they both start off shy towards each other and slowly become closer. I think choosing these two characters to have the love story is amazing because their play styles go together so well. I often found myself using Laura to help get Chris higher, as well as Laura jumping on Chris because heís one of only two characters (that Iíve encountered so far) that are short enough for her to jump onto. I find it adorable and really creative how well they complement each other.

    As far as ethics go, as of right now itís mainly been following the story of the characters. There has been hints of AI, so I think that itís fairly important to remember that.

    There is also a cloud of doom, for lack of better term, that follows Laura once you meet her. The other boxes, aside from Chris, are all hesitant to accept Laura because of the fear of the cloud. I think that while this makes sense, it also says a lot about the character of the other cubes. Yes, itís hard to trust someone with a cloud of doom following them, but I donít think they ever ask her about it, which they should do. Or at least that would be my gut reaction.
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    FlairYourFuel's Thomas Was Alone (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Thursday 23 February, 2017

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