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    jp's I Spy Universe (DS)

    [March 5, 2017 07:38:08 PM]
    Ok, calling it done.

    The game, while simple, is both quite true to the "IP" but isn't afraid to mix it up a bit with short puzzle-lite activities in between. And, once you're in the "gotta find this"-mode it's surprisingly hard to put down. I might be a little OCD then?
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    [February 24, 2017 12:58:44 PM]
    So, a videogame based on a book series that consists of find the hidden objects? So, "Where's Waldo", but with photos of random stuff rather than hand drawn pictures.

    It works! And yes, it's hidden objects - you pan around a photo and try to find a bunch of things from a list. Double tap and it's circled and marked on the list as found. I've only played two of the levels so far and I'm really confused as to why there's an entire story and context (trying to find parts to a device that will save the sun from doing something bad). Maybe it's because the intended audience is kids and the story might be motivating?

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    jp's I Spy Universe (DS)

    Current Status: Stopped playing - Something better came along

    GameLog started on: Wednesday 22 February, 2017

    GameLog closed on: Sunday 5 March, 2017

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