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    blacksnowball's Life is Strange (360)

    [March 13, 2017 02:32:19 AM]
    According to Kantianism saving the girl is the right thing to do because the intention is morally wrong and is a maxim that can be universally applied and followed. Up to this point the game has kind of dictated that you follow a singular narrative. However this changes when you are given the option to hide the truth or report Nathan, the guy that you stop from murdering the girl in the bathroom. Hiding the truth would go against Kantianism, hiding the truth is essentially lying which applied universally destroys the conception of truth itself. You have a duty to do the morally right thing and so I reported Nathan. After the scene the game gave me the option to rewind time and even specifically says “your action will have consequences.” Kant wouldn’t be concerned with these consequences however, as long as you do the right thing, and so I chose not to rewind time and allowed my story to progress with the decision I had already made. The game begins to branch out into a more open world at this point that allows you to explore while still providing a kind of a task or an objective to follow.
    I really like that you can play through and experience different aspects of the game, as well as being able to gain vital and necessary information, and then being able to rewind time and not deal with specific consequences of an action. The game does a great job in allowing the storyline to be followed yet crafted and tailored to an individual’s own preferences and desires. I look forward to playing more of this.
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    [March 11, 2017 02:33:11 PM]
    I typically don’t like games like this for two reasons. The first is that you are forced into a single storyline and can only observe certain scenes and interact with certain things in the game based off your previous decisions. The reason I don’t like that is I like to be able to observe every possible outcome and experience all the different scenarios in a game, whether through replaying the game, or saving and going back to do something differently. However, the progress made on games the last few years has made doing so far more complicated and time consuming by the games becoming substantially more complex and intricate, and therefore more difficult to truly see everything. In other words this game essentially forces you to live with and deal with the consequences of your actions rather than being able to go back or start over. The second reason is that the complexity of videogames now allows you to interact with an almost infinite number of objects, people, etc. in the game, and while I like to interact with and explore every little nook and cranny, doing so has become very tedious in such a vast and intricate world.
    So after spending a lot of time interacting with things that serve no purpose other than to enhance and enrich the story, I finally advanced the story when I entered the bathroom. Max has another “dream” that while she is in the bathroom she witnesses a murder and when she wakes up and starts to notice things that she has already experienced. This leads her to the conclusion that she can reverse time, which is then confirmed when the game prompts you to “reverse time”, and by the progression of the storyline as well. At this point I’m wondering if my first critique in the first paragraph can be satisfied by this newfound ability to reverse time. And one of my previous thoughts, that the game will present us with moral dilemmas is established when Max wonders if she can save the girl she witnessed being murdered in the bathroom.
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    [March 10, 2017 12:30:53 AM]
    Life is strange is a very unique and episodic game that is well reviewed and fairly renowned. I like the way it is set up and how the interaction of the game has immediate effects and consequences regarding every choice you make. When Max wakes up from her “dream” of the lighthouse being destroyed by the tornado, you are allowed to engage with different items on her desk which prompt different responses in the game. For example interacting with the camera gives you the option to take a selfie, which doing so triggers a response from Max’s teacher Mark. The initial choice to take the selfie also has other effects shortly later on when Mark asks Max a question directly as a result of taking the picture.
    While taking the selfie doesn’t have any clear or immediate impact on the overall story of the game, it is clear that such a game uses quick time events to engage the player and seems apparent that these events will provide the player with problematic choices and situations as well as moral dilemmas. Although it is not episodic, one such game I can think of that is comparable that I have played is Fallout 3. Both games allow the player to engage in and make different choices that ultimately determine where the character ends up and how the story goes along.
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    blacksnowball's Life is Strange (360)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Friday 10 March, 2017

    blacksnowball's opinion and rating for this game

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