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    jp's Train Conductor (iPd)

    [March 18, 2017 10:17:23 PM]
    This is one of those fun little puzzle games that requires good reflexes - once things get tricky of course. It feels very much like an "amateur" game in terms of the visuals (especially the UI) but the controls are absolutely amazing. It really is a joy to play, even though I'm not terribly good at it.

    I'm going to guess the game was made in Australia because the map I'm playing is...Australia! I'm stuck unable to complete Melbourne - which is the last daytime level I have left. Same for nighttime, not too shabby? (Alice Springs is the easiest, followed by Cairns, Sydney, and Melbourne.

    I'm surprised by how many interesting variations the game has - in a nutshell there are 5 train trains that go left to right and trains come out of either side on any track. The tracks and trains are all numbered and the trains (mostly) come out on the wrong tracks. Your job is to swipe a train from its current track to another track (hopefully the correct one) and, in general, avoid collisions. As you might imagine there are all kinds of variations - both in trains (ghost trains that don't collide with each other, barriers in the middle of the tracks, and more). By far the best part of the game is how smooth and easy it is to swipe a locomotive down to another track - as soon as you start swiping you get some new track that branches out and shows you where the train will go. It's a fast-paced game, so I'm surprised by how well it all comes together.

    Downsides? There aren't that many levels, and they're weirdly locked away behind some grinding. Play a level and get XP, enough XP opens up the next area. You can pay to unlock them all at once which seems a bit too much. I think. I don't recall if this was a F2P game or not...I think not, but it's been a while to be honest.
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    jp's Train Conductor (iPd)

    Current Status: Stopped playing - Got Bored

    GameLog started on: Friday 18 March, 2016

    GameLog closed on: Saturday 18 March, 2017

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