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    lindseyloveland's Thomas Was Alone (PS4)

    [April 7, 2017 10:51:35 AM]
    Finally encountered the pixel cloud today -- it swiped up all my characters save for John, who I am currently trying to beat a level with. I'm pretty interested the developments that result from this whole ordeal, and how it interacts and affects each individual characters. I already know from the game that John would've rather been taken by the pixel cloud than be the last one standing, which ended up unfortunately being the case.

    I'm beginning to wonder if there is a 'correct' way to play this game, and if the game tracks the different ways and methods you use to solve each level. After all, the character's actions on any given level is the only thing the player has control over anyway; there's no way to mess with any of the narration or actual character personalities and interactions. Again, I think the increasingly personal information that is given to each of the characters makes the game that much more involving and interesting as a whole. I'm wondering how the narration of the characters relationship will affect any of the gameplay, if at all.
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    [April 5, 2017 08:31:21 PM]
    Continuing on with Thomas Was Alone -- today I encountered the mysterious moving shadow. I haven't interacted with it yet but it's been mentioned in the character's dialog. I'm up to about 5 characters at the moment, each with their own individualistic qualities that all symbiotically work together until they reach their respective goals.

    The individual qualities of each of the characters makes it increasingly easy to empathize with them. Many of the characters have qualities that I could associate or identify with people I know. While the game may be about AI's trapped in a computer simulation, the overall gameplay and narration make their journey relatable and even understandable. In example, Laura, the pink horizontal rectangle who serves as a sort of trampoline for the others, worries that they are using her. Chris, the small orange square, a grumpy pessimistic character, immediately takes a liking to Laura as they work together exceedingly well.

    I've noticed over the course over many worlds and levels that each level seems to get progressively darker -- both in coloring and content. The shadow character I have yet to directly interact with serving as one example. I'm interested to keep playing and see how the narration develops the story, as well as see what other characters they'll introduce as it progresses
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    [April 4, 2017 10:14:22 PM]
    Today I played through the first two worlds of Thomas Was Alone (with each world having about 10 levels each) and it wasn't exactly what I expected. What I got was a very puzzle-like game, with the hero, Thomas, and a very clear goal that needs to be achieved for that level. Even more unexpected, the narration throughout each level as new characters were introduced added a very humane aspect to the game I wasn't prepared for since they were simple animated shape AI's. Each shape has a name, and a skill unique that allows only them to reach certain parts of the level. I've found that combining and utilizing each of the shape's unique abilities is usually what's required in order to pass a level.

    Instead of being a traditional cause-and-effect game, Thomas Was Alone presents itself more as a character vs the environment type game, with the biggest adversary being the increasingly difficult terrain to cover in order to reach each of the shape's respective portals.

    I really like the gameplay so far -- the movement is super fluid and you're able to refine the shape's positions seemingly down to the last pixel. It has definitely got an addictive candy-crush like quality about it that allows you to play level after level without realizing how long you've been playing.
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    lindseyloveland's Thomas Was Alone (PS4)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Tuesday 4 April, 2017

    lindseyloveland's opinion and rating for this game

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