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    Mafumofu's The Wolf Among Us (360)

    [April 6, 2017 11:57:34 PM]
    Once I arrived at Toad's, I saw someone upstairs. However, when I went to check, they were gone. I then heard Toad's son crying, and found a trashed home and an oddly defensive Toad. Turns out he'd been roughed up by a Tweedle brother and even stabbed with a fireplace poker, all in trying to find out about the girl, Faith. I went to Lawrence's next, only to find him nearly dead on the ground. I got no useful information out of him, and he died in front of me. After looking around briefly, another Tweedle brother burst out of it and took off running. I managed to catch him though until his brother came and knocked me unconscious. I then checked out a local bar for the Woodsman and roughed up a couple of shady types until one of the Tweedle brothers came in. I caught up with him and handcuffed him to a pole when I saw Police outside of my apartment. When I got a closer look, there was Snow's head in the same manner as I had found Faith's earlier.

    In a game about the importance of every decision, the task of adding importance to some choices more than others is difficult, yet handled masterfully. It is easy to tell when stakes are highest and it puts on the emotional pressure. Your choices are not quite so easy to make when you can't redo them and can't tell what might be coming from them, similar to real life. This game also does a wonderful job in getting the player to look inwards with retrospection due to its rough protagonist. Choices are vast, varied, and important, but the character remains the same aggressive and animalistic personality. Your choices remain yours, but they are carried out in a way that allows the player to experience a darker side of themselves, which offers a unique perspective on our personal morality, especially in the direst circumstances.
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    [April 6, 2017 12:35:01 AM]
    In this segment, Snow White came to my apartment and was urgent to get me downstairs. Just outside, I discovered the severed head of the girl I had rescued earlier. After some investigating, we left to meet with the Mayor, Ichabod Crane, and discovered the name of the girl: Faith. I also discovered the Magic Mirror, who gave me further information on several characters. Just after leaving to search for Faith's husband, I received a call from Mr. Toad, who urgently asked for help with an intruder. The game offered my first big decision, with no time limit: investigate Toad or Prince Lawrence. I selected Mr. Toad, and left for his apartment again.

    The game took a very sudden turn I hadn't expected, and the difference of representation of characters draws me in thoroughly. This sudden change in choice also accentuates the weight of this final decision. All in all, this game is making wonderful narrative choices and I can't wait to experience more.
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    [April 5, 2017 12:30:02 AM]
    So far this game seems great. In this playthrough, I've been introduced to the game's fairytale world, I attempted to stop the Woodsman (who, like myself, is seemingly invincible) and returned to my apartment where I shared an... interesting conversation about life with a pig named Colin.

    There are a wide variety of choices which, while not all consequential, feel as though they make a difference in my experience. Similarly to Life is Strange, the ethical questions in this game are far more obvious. Also similar to Life is Strange is the caution the game provides in the upper corner when a consequential action has been made. This adds weight to the decisions, but without the added option of reversing time to make a different choice. The main difference so far between the two is the urgency of decision present in The Wolf Among Us. While Life is Strange explores the topic of asking "What If?" and why it's dangerous, The Wolf Among Us explores the permanent reality of choice through the near definition of unreality. Decisions are made quickly, with a timer egging the player on. So far, there appears to often not be a 'right' answer, just different ones. All in all, I greatly look forward to my continued exploration of this title.
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    Mafumofu's The Wolf Among Us (360)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Wednesday 5 April, 2017

    Mafumofu's opinion and rating for this game

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