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    bwatter8's The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (PC)

    [April 8, 2017 12:49:40 AM]
    I decided to explore the east side of the map while playing today and followed up on a contract that I had taken earlier. I spoke with a man in a devastated town not far from where a very recent battle just took place. His brother was a soldier in that battle but hasn't returned. The man and his dog accompany me to the battlefield and I clear the area of monsters. We investigate the corpses but the brothers body is nowhere to be found. Using my witcher senses I follow a trail from the battlefield to a nearby house and discover that the missing brother is alive and in the company of a Nilfgardian soldier. Both the men inside are terribly wounded and it turns out that the Nilfgardian saved the man I've been searching for even though they were enemies. The brother I've been searching with is obviously not very excited about the Nilfgardian. Of course at this point I must make a decision. I can encourage the brothers to take in the formerly enemy soldier who saved one of their lives, but would put them at great risk for harboring a deserter, or I can encourage them to leave the man to fend for himself. Unlike the last quest I wrote about this one left my conscience feeling more clean when I persuaded them to help the wounded Nilfgardian in a land foreign to him. But now I am left wondering if I ultimately have set in motion all of their deaths. Even the easy choices aren't easy in this game. I love it!
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    [April 7, 2017 12:44:50 AM]
    If there is one thing that this game does well it making you wonder if you made the right choice or not. So many times I'm forced to make decisions between varying shades of gray, and very very rarely clear light and dark. For example, not far from the capitol that has been taken by the Nilfgardians stands a "merchant" near the road. This man claims that he was attacked by monsters and his wagon went off the road. He only wants to a small chest from the wreckage and offers to reward me if I get it. Of course I accept and head towards the wreck. With Geralt's enhanced senses and clever mind I find evidence that indicates the wagon was not attacked by monsters at all but was instead shot at with a bow. I find the chest and the corpse of a man with an arrow protruding from his neck after dispatching some monsters and head back. I confront the would be merchant and he immediately jumps on his horse and begins racing away. I hop onto my own horse, named Roach, and race after him and knock him from his steed. Once he has been dismounted he is more willing to talk and admits that he attacked and killed the real merchant and attacked and killed him in order to steal some medicine that he was carrying. He then says he needs the medicine for the resistance forces that are still fighting back against the invading Nilfgardians. At this point I have three options. I can give him the medicine and let him go, I can let him go but keep the medicine, or I can turn him in to the Nilfgardians. I feel bad for these people who have been subjugated by the invaders to their lands, but at the same time if I give this man the medicine I will be knowingly doing so after he murdered a man to get it. I decided to give him the medicine and let him be on his way and as I write this I'm still wondering what that choice says about me as a person.
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    [April 6, 2017 07:37:54 AM]
    Playing through the tutorial and glimpsing into Geralt's memories shows more pleasant days long past. In the present I'm quickly confronted with a dangerous griffin that quickly leaves, but not before severely disrupting the life of a seemingly simple trader. Shortly after this encounter I find myself wandering around town looking for anything not nailed down that I can loot, which for some reason the townsfolk don't seem to mind one bit. During my plundering, I discover a dwarf man who has had his home/smithy burned to the ground. I offer to help and quickly find a wounded human who, with a little persuading, admits to the crime. I take him back to the dwarf to confess, thinking he'll pay a fine or be tasked with repairing the dwarfs home. The punishment that was decided by the guard turned out to be death by hanging. Not exactly what I had hoped for. After doing this I can't help but think back and wonder if I made the right choice.
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    bwatter8's The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Tuesday 4 April, 2017

    bwatter8's opinion and rating for this game

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